Cultural life of Kobrin district

Model studio of DPI "Inspiration"

* Model studio of DPI "Inspiration"

Year of foundation –1992. Year of assignment of a rank "exemplary" – 1999. Participants of studio are engaged in different types of arts and crafts. It products from paper, a list on a tree, an embroidery, knitting by a hook, beadwork, a batic, a vytinaka. New types of arts and crafts creativity accustom to studio also.

In the course of training of participants acquaint with traditional forms of arts and crafts and with modern technicians. The combination of traditional art forms to a modern subject through new methods of execution gives to works of participants of collective an original form and turns creation of children's hands into a work of art which, in turn, is pleasant for presenting as a souvenir to the family, close familiar or just to keep for memory.

Works of studiyets are often represented at trade fairs. Except educational process in studio fascinatingly spend free time on different actions: nurseries holidays, New Year's morning performances, discos, entertainment programs.

The head is Galina Georgiyevna Avdeeva.
The artist is Zoya Moiseevna Koberskaya.