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National ensemble of the national song "Burshtyn"

* National ensemble of the national song "Burshtyn"

In Ancient Russia "A sea incense", a sun stone, so light, heat and kindness – burshtyn. To warm souls of people the art, to give people joy and to revive national traditions – such is a creative problem of national ensemble of the national song "Burshtyn" of Kobrin Palace of culture.

The collective has the big creative biography and wide geographical range of concert and festival activity:
student of the international festival of national suits and national creativity. Vents, Germany, 2007;
participant of the international festival "Nabuzhanskiya of a Byaseda", Slovatichi, RP, 2008, 2010.
winner of the Delhi international art festival, New Delhi, India, 2010;
student of a regional festival of a national song of "Galasa Palessya", Pinsk, Brest Region, 2012;
student of the Republican festival competition of choral art "Pe¸chaye field", Mr. Myadel, Minsk Region, 2012;
student international folklore festyvalya "Viru Folk", to Kyasm, Estonia, 2013;
winner of the XIII International festival "White Lily", Kagul, Moldova, 2013;
student of the international musical festival, Mr. Laskazhev, Republic of Poland, 2013.
student of the international European fair competition, Mr. Byala Podlyask, RP, 2014.

National ensemble – the hallmark of the region, the frequent guest of the enterprises and organizations of the city and area.

The artistic director – Tatyana Totolina.
Rukoditel of the accompanying group – Vasily Pigas.
The head of dancing group is Valentina Pushko. 



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