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National orchestra of national tools

* National orchestra of national tools

Gentle and melodious tremolo of domras, deaf sighs of basses, juicy sounds of bayans, thin splash in strings of balalaikas … The score of a musical illustration to A.S. Pushkin's story G. Sviridov's "Blizzard" comes to life under sensitive fingers of musicians … The melody spreads, filled with the fascinating beauty pressing soul lyricism, a powerful stateliness - it plays an orchestra of national tools under the leadership of Alexander Viktorovich Novick.

The collective of an orchestra is created in 1975. A creator of an orchestra is his permanent head. In 1990 to collective the rank "national" is given. The orchestra includes 42 professionally prepared participants, from among teachers of children's music schools and schools of arts of the city and area. The repertoire list contains more than 50 works of the various plan. And it not only tool works, but also works of soloists-vocalists accompanied by an orchestra. Special color to each of performances of collective is added by vocal numbers performed by soloists: Olga Kaminskaya, Natalya Bunevich, Diana Kozlovich.

Today the orchestra which is fallen in love by citizens participates in all gala and solemn concerts of the city and takes the significant place in cultural life of the region. It is always distinguished by the high art level of the executed repertoire and high professionalism of mastery. 



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