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Novosyolkovsky village council

The center of the Village Council - of Novosyolki. The Village Council includes 6 settlements: of Olkhovk, Belsk, of Verkholesye. Entertainment, of Novosyolki, Hodynichi. The Novosyolkovsky village council is located in southwest part of Kobrin district. The area of the Village Council - 126,3 sq.km. Borders on Maloritsky district.

Emergence history

After formation of the Soviet power in the territory of the Western Belarus in the fall of 1939 in villages interim volost committees were formed. The participant of Novoselkovsky peasants uprising Nikonchuk Vasily Markovic was appointed the chairman of Novoselkovsky interim volost committee, and the secretary Bukraba Alexander Kirillovich. 19 people were a part of temporary management.

On March 24, 1940 elections to the Supreme Council of BSSR took place. The chairman of Novoselkovsky interim volost committee Nikonchuk Vasily Markovic was elected the deputy of the Supreme Council of BSSR. The Novoselkovsky village council is formed 12.10.1940 (The decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of BSSR of 12.10.1940 "About formation of city, village and settlement councils …").

On a date of creation the Novoselovsky Village Council includes 6 settlements, 668 yards, 3309 inhabitants, 11800 hectares of the earth (2053 hectares – arable lands, 2540 hectares – haymakings, 542 hectares of pastures, 1330 hectares of the wood, 335 hectares – neudobitsa, there were 3 initial and 1 incomplete high school, general store, vet-medical assistant's and medical assistant's and obstetric points, mail, a public grain store, association on joint processing of the earth in Belsk.

Olszewski Vasily Petrovich was elected the first chairman of Novoselkovsky village council (1940). Divinsky district is abolished by the decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of BSSR of August 8, 1959 and the Novoselovsky Village Council passes into structure of Kobrin district, and its structure leaves villages the Robin, Pavlopol, the New Yard, the Old Yard. On October 30, 1959 the Novoselkovsky Village Council unites with the Verkholessky Village Council. In 1972 the structure of the Novoselkovsky Village Council left villages: Korchitsa, Lyakhchitsa, Novosadki who joined the Hidrinsky Village Council.

On March 12, 1948 the collective farm in of Novoselki was formed. Appropriated to collective farm the name of Lenin. Since 1960 the collective farm of Lenin is renamed into collective farm "Lenin's Banner". 20.01.2003 collective farm "Lenin's Banner" is reorganized, on the basis of it APO Novoselkovsky is formed. 18.11.1949 peasants of Belsk at the general meeting decided to organize collective farm in the village and to call it collective farm "For the Homeland". The decision of Divinsky district executive committee No. 10 of 09.01.1950 it was approved by collective farm "For the Homeland". In 2003 the collective farm "For the Homeland" is reorganized and on the basis of it APO Belsky is formed. The collective farm of Chkalov was organized 13.10.1949. Individual farms of the villages of Verkholesye, the Entertainment, Olkhovka were his part. 25.08.1949 in Hodynichi at general meeting of 19 farms created collective farm "Victory". In of Olkhovk the collective farm of Kalinin was formed. 28.10.199g. the collective farm "Victory" unites with collective farm of Chkalov, having formed collective farm "Victory Banner". 04.12.1964 the collective farm of Chkalov leaves structure of collective farm "Victory Banner" and is formed again, including Hodynichi. 20.01.2003 on the basis of collective farm of Chkalov APO Verkholessky is formed. Now in the territory of Novoselkovsky village council 6 settlements are located (Novoselki, Belsk, Verkholesye, Hodynichi, Olkhovka, the Entertainment).

Environment and resources

The territory of the Village Council is located in a zone of Polesia presented by the Verkhnepripyatsky lake and alluvial lowland. It is slightly wavy, almost flat, the plain. Absolute height of a terrestrial surface changes within 150-160 m here. The relief is generally flat, gains small-gryadovo-hilly character in places of development of sandy accumulation.

Climate of the Novosyolkovsky Village Council moderate and continental, unstable and damp, with warm summer and in rather soft winter, solar, clear, but with unstable weather in the spring and in the rainy fall. The western and southwest winds prevail. Average annual air temperature makes + 7,4C. The coldest month-January. The warmest month-July.
On an amount of precipitation the Village Council treats a zone of sufficient moistening. On average in a year in the territory of the Village Council about 650 mm of rainfall drop out. As well as seasonality is characteristic of all Kobrin district: winter, spring, summer, fall.

In the territory of the Village Council Trostyanits's river - the left inflow of Mukhavts flows. Trostyanitsa begins near. Big Pavlopol. Length of the river makes 54 km. The number of meliorative channels is huge. There are no natural lakes in the territory of the Village Council, but there is a set of artificial. For example, Verkholessky lake, known in the area. It is rich with fish. Is famous for a recreation area.

Cespitose and podsolic, cespitose and podsolic gley and peat and marsh soils are characteristic of the territory of the Village Council. The most fruitful of them are peat and marsh. All types of soils are subject to a wind and mechanical erosion.

The flora of the Village Council is presented by meadow, forest and marsh vegetation. The grass cover of meadows consists generally of cereals and floral: meadow grass meadow, camomile pharmaceutical, bird vetch, cornflower meadow, etc. The majority of meadows are plowed up and are used as haymakings and pastures. Typical representatives of forest vegetation - a pine ordinary and a birch warty. There are small islands of bogs where the cranberry, sedge, a willow meet. All types of vegetation are considerably changed as a result of economic activity of the person.

The specific structure of fauna of Novoselovsky village council is typical for Kobrin district. All territory of the Village Council is included into possession of the Verkholesky forest area. Typical representatives of fauna are representatives of the mixed and broad-leaved woods. The most often met birds: vorobyinoobrazny, galinasty (stork white, sparrows house and field, etc.); animals: wild boar, fox ordinary, red squirrel, etc.


Population of Novosyolkovsky village council for the beginning of 2013 made 2009 people. In national structure Belarusians prevail, Ukrainians, Russians, Lithuanians, Roma, Jews are presented. The religious organizations are three Orthodox Christians and two Evangelical Christians of Baptists where parishioners are inhabitants of the Village Council.

Manpower for 2012 on the Village Council made 1054 persons. On sex composition women – 1099 people, men – prevail 1003 (for the beginning of 2010). Age structure: more young than working-age - the 329th person, at working-age – 1054 persons, are more senior able-bodied – 626 people.

The population of the Village Council is engaged in the social sphere (trade, consumer services, culture, health care, education, communication), in the production sphere (APO Novosyolkovsky, APO Verkholesky). The part of the population works at manufacturing enterprises of the city of Kobrin, four persons work abroad. A demographic situation (on 01.01.2010god): birth rate – 19 people; mortality – 56 people, infantile mortality – 1 person. A natural increase - 37 people; a migratory gain - 40 people.


In the territory of the Village Council there are 2 joint project companies: "Novosyolkovsky" and "Verkholesky". They have identical specialization: cultivation of KRS of the dairy direction; potato growing, cultivation of commercial and grain crops. In APO Verkholesky there is a koneferma. There are no farms in the territory of the Village Council.

Transport and social infrastructure

In the territory of the Village Council there are following means of transport: automobile and pipeline (Friendship gas pipeline). Across the territory of the Village Council there passes Kobrin Route – Malorita where insignificant transportation of goods and a passenger turnover is carried out.

The social sphere is presented by 10 enterprises of food trade, 4 public service establishments (bath), 4 healthcare institutions, 4 establishments of education, 4 cultural institutions. In all settlements of the Village Council the stationary telephone network is connected.

Historical and cultural monuments

Historical and cultural monuments: Sacredly – the Nikolaev church (1888 in of Verkholesye), It is sacred – Mikhaylovsky church (1881 in ag. Novoselki), church of the Saint prophet Eli (2008 in Belsk); an obelisk to the died fellow countrymen ag. Novosyolki, the Mass grave of the Soviet soldiers and guerrillas in. Shouting. (in 3 km to the southeast from Belsk), Church of the Saint prophet Eli (2008 in Belsk) mother's memorial sculpture with the child in Belsk, a monument to fellow countrymen in Verkholesye, a grave of the victims of fascism (on the suburb Podberezya), a monument in honor of revolt of peasants of of Novoselki.

Contact information

Chairman: +375 (1642) 5-12-35
Secretary: +375 (1642) 5-12-36

Postal index: 225864

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