Memorable places in Kobrin: lost forever

Tennis-player's sculpture

Park of Suvorov, 1954.
Photo from A. Kirichenko's album

It turns out that in our city there were monuments which now practically nobody remembers. They remained only in memory of old residents and in old photos. One of such monuments is the monument on sports subject. Once in our park of A.V. Suvorov there was a monument to the Tennis-player.

The sculpture of the tennis-player looked quite impressively. On quite high pedestal there was a sportswoman-tennis-player who, most likely, was going to make the next giving.

In 1952 the USSR for the first time participated in the summer Olympic Games in Helsinki. The team as a part of 295 athletes took part in all types (except field hockey) and took the second place in the overall ranking, having won 22 gold, 30 silver and 19 bronze medals. Sport was at that time extraordinary popular. Over all country monuments on sports subject were established. Our city appeared not aside too.

It would be desirable that presently, sport returned the former popularity, helped business of education of the younger generation. Unfortunately, today in our country there are not enough monuments propagandizing sport and a healthy lifestyle. Look at the old photo and plunge into the world of far post-war years.

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