Memorable places in Kobrin: lost forever

Monument to V. I. Lenin (Svoboda Square)

In 1940 the monument to V. I. Lenin was placed into Liberty Square (the former Market square). In the first days of the German occupation Hitlerites placed padded Soviet tanks on the square, and destroyed a monument. Gallows on which executed our fellow citizens were placed into the square. After release of the city from fascist aggressors Lenin's sculpture took the former place, and the area became the center of national meetings and demonstrations again.

In the 1950th years in Kobrin new A. V. Suvorov Square appeared. In 1962 it was solved renamed into V. I. Lenin Square. The decision of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies No. 70 of April 6, 1965 the monument to V. I. Lenin was moved from Svoboda Square to V. I. Lenin Square.

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