Memorable places in Kobrin: lost forever

Windmill (Sovetskaya St.)

Practically in all cities and settlements there were mills. Unfortunately, many of them are forever lost. There were such mills and in the city of Kobrin. One of them was near present shop "Suvorovsky" which is located almost opposite to Raduga movie theater. The mill settled down in the territory of present garages. She was born when building one of houses in the seventies. Its photo dated 1915 remained.

It is interesting that in Kobrin district only one windmill which was in bad condition at the moment remained, and then it was transported on the new place and it is restored. This mill is in the agroestate "Studinka".


Windmill in Girsk

Windmill in Girsk

Old photos

Windmill in Kobrin, the 1920th years. A photo from A. Kirichenko's album

Windmill in Kobrin. Photo of 1915.


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