Memorable places in Kobrin: lost forever

The fountain in the form of a swastika

In the downtown there is a new modern Palace of culture constructed on the place of old Recreation center. The palace is built actually completely anew. From old Recreation center there was only a tiny part which is in building depth.

Near the Palace there is a square put after war of Morozov. In this square even before emergence of Recreation center there was very original fountain. In the early fifties the square with the fountain was one their favourite vacation spots of youth. The youth was going to have a rest, listen in the evening to songs to the guitar here, to be cooled in a hot flying weather with splashes from the fountain.

What was represented by the fountain?

On a concrete socle 4 crocodiles whose of oskalenny mouths water streams beat were located. In the center of the fountain, having lifted up a trunk, the elephant threw out water. This original fountain which was decoration of our city worked infrequently and existed not for long.

Why the sculptural composition with animals, so unusual to our district, was the basis for the fountain?

Old residents claim that the fountain was built by the German prisoners of war who restored many city facilities after its release from fascist aggressors. By the way, they built also the old bridge through Mukhavets which is in the downtown down the street of Lenin. Many tell that at construction of the bridge the German prisoners of war were not only are punctual, but also built very soundly, as for themselves (they despite ranks and ranks of local people and officials safely entered verbal sparrings when those stirred them work or forced to hurry and do poor). It is hard to say who designed this fountain, but the soldiers of prostrate army expelled from the territories won by them managed to leave behind the symbols. Someone noticed that from above the fountain reminded a fascist swastika.

When this news received a wide public response, the fountain by order of local authorities was reconstructed. In 1957-58 crocodiles were replaced with frogs, but also frogs-kvakushki staid absolutely not for long. Probably someone considered that all of them equally remind residents of the predecessors crocodiles. As a result and frogs were cleaned, and the fountain in the middle still some time continued to work with an elephant, but its look already was not that at all. At construction of old Recreation center (RDK) the fountain was finally removed. Now know the few about its existence. This fountain can be found only in the old, turned yellow from time photos.

P.S. It is interesting that similar fountains were and is not only in Kobrin, but also worldwide. Let's pay attention to some of them.

In Simferopol on the fountain in the Italian court yard of the station two pigeons are not enough - they were moved away at once after noticed that figurines of pigeons of the fountain form a swastika. And on one of legends if to look at a tower with hours from a certain party and in a certain time of day, it is possible to see Hitler's profile.

The fountain in Simferopol

In Gomel, according to old residents, similar settled down in the well-known city park. This fountain was decorated by modelled images of dolphins (according to other data – frogs). However, in the early sixties inhabitants whether sea, whether fresh waters were moved away. According to a legend, by means of aerial photography it became clear that dolphins fly over the fountain in the form of a fascist swastika.

The fountain in Gomel

In Bialystok in city park there was a fountain in the form of four dolphins. It even some time worked until any pilot, flying by over the city, paid attention that dolphins the bodies, meeting to the center noses and having bent tails, form themselves a swastika. The fountain was demolished right there.

In all cases say that fountains appeared thanks to the German prisoners of war who were involved in works on restoration of city objects. Claim that in such cunning way they salted to winners. Of course, it is the simplest to write off for the German prisoners of war. But someone designed these fountains. It is interesting that crocodiles and frogs were also on the well-known, nowadays restored fountain in Volgograd (Stalingrad). So, similar fountains with animals likely were very popular in due time. And as arranged these animals, perhaps there, nobody reflected. Perhaps, just like that it turned out owing to aspiration to symmetry. And it is possible, as there was someone's evil intention …

The fountain in Volgograd

It is interesting that users of cartographical service Google Earth stirred up residents of the Belgian town of Maasmekhelen (Maasmechelen) which is on border with the Netherlands in 2006. It was found out that the fountain glad with a city town hall in a form represents a fascist swastika. The fountain quietly worked more than 27 years.

The author of the project of the fountain - the designer Robber Tashele claims that he is not a nazi and is proud of the work. According to him, nazis have no monopoly for a swastika, and it is an ancient symbol of god of the sun. When in 1979 when Tashele presented the work to the mayor of that time, similarity of the fountain to a swastika did not cause any idle talks. It was decided that the fountain will take the shamrock form.

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