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The most part of summer already passed, days become shorter as a waiting time of desired holiday for those who it were not in time otgulyat yet. Alas, the prices of permits to the exotic countries in the current season so "jumped up" that appeared on a pocket not to everyone, and our many compatriots choose "local types" of rest. It is possible just to sleep off, roll on a sofa or on the sun at the next reservoir — quite acceptable prospect if the working rhythm forced to swell up all year from a bed at six in the morning. It is possible to get out to the dacha or to relatives to the village. And it is possible to make a choice for agroecotourism fashionable nowadays and to go to the South, but not to the Black Sea, and to the South of Belarus.

Summer on "Zarechnaya Street"
The first the agroecoestates "Zarechnaya Street" appeared in Kobrin district, in the village Sand-2, in 2006. Undertaking was pleasant, and in two years in the area there was on three agroecoestates more. As the vice-chairman of Kobrin district executive committee Valery Ivanyuk notes, the considerable role was played in this case by a step towards of "Agroprombank" which opened a credit line on development of agroecoestates.

There is no rivalry between owners of such estates in Kobrin district, it is rather a cooperation and mutual aid. If in one of them there are no empty seats any more, willingly send tourists to another, the next. Though in everyone seek to offer the highlights.

For example, on "Zarechnaya Street" to the tourist, will offer the choice: to lodge in modern small cozy hotel on the picturesque river bank or in the lodge stylized semi-antique that, however, does not exclude existence of all modern conveniences. On the one hand, it is possible to feel "the Polesia Robinzon", with another — the civilization benefits near by.

The agroestate in the village Mazichi — the real museum under the open sky: ancient wooden constructions are collected from all regions of the Brest region here. Here visitors can take a steam bath in a bath, admire couple of black swans who are gracefully sliding on an artificial reservoir. By the way, owners of the estate bought swans quite recently, but birds became already almost manual.

And owners of the agroecoestate in the village of Girsk have a big private enterprise on cultivation of cattle. To services of tourists — more than two tens thoroughbred horses. Around there are a lot of not arable lands and untouched the person of the woods. So is where to make both horse, and foot walks. — And in general, Kobrin district — the earth with the most interesting history and the surprising nature — Valery Ivanyuk told. Eight already developed tourist routes (pedestrian, horse, water — on kayaks on the Dnieper and Bugsky channel and the river Mukhavets, bicycle) are only the beginning. Because the offer — always a response on demand. And demand is.

Only last year tourist services brought to the region more than 175 million rubles instead of planned the 63rd. Now, in the summer, in agroecoestates flow of tourists, but also in the winter they are not empty. Here often there are guests from Canada, the USA, Israel and even from far Australia. Frequent it is the emigrants from the former USSR feeling nostalgia. Well and, of course, our compatriots opening sides of the native land and a possibility of agroecotourism, new to themselves.

By the way, and behind exotic it is not necessary to go at the other end of the world. For example, close to communicate to the South African ostriches quite really and at us. Near Kobrin the ostrich's farm at which work restaurant where suggest to try a set of dishes from ostrich's meat, and also an art workshop and a mini-zoo is created. It is possible also most to join "exotic" food, in particular to buy ostrich's egg (it costs less than 30 thousand rubles) and to weld it — the truth, on it more than an hour will leave. For time you, of course, will not eat it unless the big company, but it is perfectly stored in the refrigerator and long does not spoil. It is possible and just to drink ostrich's egg crude, however it is not so simple to drill a thick shell — the drill with a 12-millimetric drill is useful. And it is possible to buy for memory the huge egg painted with the artist or ornament from ostrich's feathers. Daredevils have an opportunity to help workers of a farm to gather ostrich's eggs. You should not smile: an obstacle where birds growth under two meters and weighing more than one hundred kilograms — from fat logs contain, and in rage the ostrich breaks such log in blow of the powerful leg. However these birds are afraid to attack the one who is higher than them therefore to the person to secure himself and "to add growth", it is enough to hold vertically lifted long stick in hand.
— To attract tourists, originality and authenticity have not enough today — Valery Ivanyuk considers. — Agroecoestates in the territory of our area is an originality plus the European order, the modern equipment and surprisingly tasty ethnic cuisine — hash browns, stewed potato in pots and a set of other dishes which prepare just masterly there.

Rural tourism — rural, rural or agrotourism — this term is designated peep of world fashion in tourism now. The Europeans tired with exotic resorts hurry to drop to sources — choose rural tourism not only in the summer, but also for Christmas, Easter, other holidays.

In Belarus one more plus in favor of this type of tourism that quotations on rest in agroestates of the area, according to Valery Ivanyuk, are quite democratic. Also it is possible to guarantee: nobody from chosen such type of rest in Kobrin district will regret neither about money, nor about time spent in the south of Belarus.

Alexander Antselevich

Antselevich, A. Poyedem on the South … Belarus: Agroecotourism/Alexander Antselevich//National newspaper. – 2008. – 8 zhn і ў nya. – Page 17.


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