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Mineral waters

Mineral waters are called waters as a part of which salts, minerals and some biologically active components contain in the dissolved look. Mineral waters are subdivided on drinking, waters for external application and others. The name of mineral waters for external application speaks for itself. These are mineral waters which use for acceptance of medical bathtubs, flourishes, in medical pools. With them do rinsings and inhalations at diseases of a nasopharynx and the top airways, them wash out and irrigate hollow bodies, etc.

External and drinking mineral waters widely use in balneological resorts. The water having the general mineralization not less than 250 mg on dm3 is considered mineral water. It has to come from an underground source, physically environmentproofed and pollution, and to be characterized by a constant proportion of concentration of the making components: mineral salts, minerals and dietary supplements. Also in it existence of artificial mineral components is not allowed.

Mineralnye natural drinking waters are extracted from the water-bearing horizons or water-bearing complexes which are protected from influence of human activity, are not exposed to pollution from a bad ecological situation. They spread in conditions under which their main curative properties and a natural chemical composition remain. Mineralnye natural drinking waters belong to foodstuff, and on condition of their raised mineralization or at the high content of dietary supplements they have treatment-and-prophylactic effect.

Do not treat natural mineral waters: the mixed underground waters from the different water-bearing horizons having different conditions of formation of their hydrochemical types, or the mixed waters of different hydrochemical types; the mixed natural mineral waters with drinking waters or with artificially mineralized waters.

Mineral drinking water is the transparent colourless or having a shade from yellowish till greenish color liquid which taste and a smell is characterized by the substances which are contained in it. For mineral water we will allow a deposit of the mineral salts which are contained in it.

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