Fish stewed in Ukrainian

Way of preparation

Cod fillet or pollock — 500 g, lard — 160 g, onion — 120 g, pepper sweet — 80 g, potatoes —
600 g, tomato sauce — 400 g, garlic — 2 zubk, parsley (root) — 60 g, greens, pepper, salt.

To cut the prepared fillet of fish pieces and together with spices and korenye to pripustit 6 — 8 min. On broth to make tomato sauce. On a frying pan to kindle lard, to take out cracklings. On this fat to fry the cut potatoes, onions and korenye of parsley. To put the fried vegetables in a pot, and on them stewed fish (three pieces for the portion), to fill in with tomato sauce, to add the pounded garlic and cut by rings, and then the Bulgarian sweet pepper which is slightly fried on fat. In the closed pot in a zharochny case to extinguish 10-15 min. Before giving to strew with greens of parsley or fennel.


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