Chicken Kiev

Way of preparation

Chicken fillet — 320 g, butter — 80 g, melted butter — 60 g, salt.

To beat off chicken fillet with a stone in equal layer. To close places of break and cuts a layer of the meat taken from small fillet. On the middle of layer to put a piece of the cold oil formed in the form of the fir-tree cone and to close it from all directions by means of a knife. To salt cutlet and to bread twice in a grain crumb or crackers, dipping in lyezon. To fry in hot fan of 3 — 4 min. Having taken out from hot fan, to sustain 1 — 2 min. in a zharochny case. Butter for a stuffing can be mixed with the wiped yolk of hard-boiled egg, I will merge, small cut greens. When giving to a table to put on a hair curler a stone. A garnish — the fried potatoes cut by straws and the green peas filled with oil.


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