Way of preparation

Buckwheat flour — 300 g, butter — 17 g; sugar — 16 g, eggs, yeast — 10 g, milk — 125 g, vegetable oil — 35 g.

To part yeast in warm milk, to add salt and sugar, then to put egg, to pour the sifted buckwheat flour, to knead dense dough and to put to the warm place on 1,5 — 2 h. After dough ascended, again to knead and allow to ascend repeatedly. To lay out ready dough on the board sprinkled with flour, to make of it long rectangular bars, to put on the form (sheet) greased with fat again to allow to ascend, make an incision through each 2 — 3 cm the knife oiled vegetable and to bake in an oven. Grechaniki to grease with slightly fried vegetable donkey, to divide on lines of cuts and a tax into a table with sour cream.


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