JSC KPTF Ruchayka

Open joint stock company Kobrin spinning weaving mill "Ruchayka"

The Kobrin spinning weaving mill "Ruchayka" is put into operation in 1980. The factory is a part of the Belarusian State concern on production and realization of goods of light industry "Bellegprom". JSC PTF Ruchayka specializes in production of mixed technical fabrics and a yarn of weaver's and knitted appointment.

The main production are:
· a mixed shtapelny yarn of weaver's and knitted appointment - one-filar and twisted, shaped loopy structure
· technical mixed fabrics 90 - 164 cm wide, area density of 70-400 g / kv.m for the skin and haberdashery, shoe, rubber industry for production of medical products, filtering materials, road construction, heat-insulating and roofing materials, conveyor tapes, the duplicating materials for the clothing and shoe industry, etc.

Since 2008 within implementation of the investment project "Modernisation of Spinning Production" makes on the new spinning equipment importozameshchayemy high-quality mixed a yarn of low linear density which are used for production of sorochechny fabrics. Within implementation of the investment project "Modernisation of Weaver's Production" in a development stage - production of awning fabrics with a polyvinylchloride covering (PVC) which are imported from countries of Western Europe, China, Korea, Russia.

Phones: +375 (1642) 2-19-51, department of supply +375 (1642) 4-17-44

Address: Republic of Belarus, 225304, Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, Sovetskaya St., 139



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