Poultry farm

Republican unitary agricultural manufacturing enterprise "Kobrin Poultry Farm"

The Kobrin poultry farm is the enterprise of the egg direction therefore the main direction and the purpose of work of the enterprise is production and realization of egg. Along with it the enterprise is engaged: production and realization of fowl, production and realization of egg melange and protein, production and realization of sausages, semi-finished products and canned food from fowl, production and realization of grass meal, production of dry protein feeds for own needs, production of KRS meat, production of milk, cultivation of grain crops, cultivation of vegetables.

Power of the available hatchery makes 3144 thousand poultry bins, for cultivation of business young growth of a bird there are 5 tsyplyatnik with a single capacity of 129 thousand poultry bins, for keeping of an adult bird – 15 hen houses with a capacity of 399 thousand poultry bins.

The made production, services:
- Semi-finished products from fowl natural
- The pelmeni frozen "Belarusian"
- Cutlets chicken
- Sausages from fowl
- Melange egg

Phones: +375(1642)2-37-77
Address: Republic of Belarus, 225860, Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, Severnaya St., 99

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