Cultural life of Kobrin district

DPI "Bona Sforza Gallery"

* National amateur association graphic and DPI "Bona Sforza Gallery"

One of the first associations which brought together handicraftsmen and amateur artists. Today in its structure - 29 masters who are engaged in different types of art and arts and crafts creativity: artists, woodcarvers, masters in different types of an embroidery, the master on beadwork, a solomopleteniya, to a fulling from wool.

Participants of association create souvenir products which are known far outside the city and the area, participate in city, regional, regional exhibitions, fairs, competitions of national arts and crafts. The Bona Sforza gallery is the organizer of exhibitions of Kobrin pictorialists.

The head of national amateur association graphic and it is decorative – applied art Victoria Mikhaelovna Lukashuk is.



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Address: Kobrin, Lenin St., 4
Ph. +375 (1642)2-23-18

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