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National amateur association "White Stork"

* National amateur association "White Stork"

It is created in 2005 at the initiative of the fan of poetry V. I. Povzun. The white stork – a fine symbol of Belarus became an emblem of poetic club.

People of different age, professions, views were united by the reverent not indifferent attitude to life and aspiration to share with surrounding with richness of the creative nature. Already nine years association lead full-blooded life: intellectual communication, verses, music, literary drawing rooms in rural clubs, creative meetings with school students, with readers of libraries. Work on promoting of literary works, arts, on identification of gifted people, development of their creative abilities is conducted; to patriotic moral education, promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Since 2010 Lyudmila Ivanovna Lazyuk, the philologist by training directs association. It conducts occupations of school of poetic skill that helps to increase the creative level of participants of association considerably. The first book of the almanac "Vdokhnoveniye" where works of 32 Kobrin authors entered is during this time published, there were more than 20 author's collections. Members of association actively and productively participate in various festivals and competitions, initiators and organizers of holding a republican festival of a bard song and poetry "Solar".

Books V. I Litoshik "Wonderful friends" and "Hard-working moles" were presented at the 20th international book trade fair in Minsk. On verses of poets of "A white stork" local composers wrote more than 20 songs, the author's album of the bard and poet Yu. Harevich "Is published do not feel sorry for force for love". 



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