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Village Habovichi

Habovich – the village in Divinsky village council, Kobrin district. Geographical coordinates: 52 °04'00'' northern latitude and 24 °28'60'' east longitude. Height above sea level 166 m. The village is located in 19 km on the southeast from the city of Kobrin and railway station Kobrin, in 63 km from the city of Brest, on the west bank of the Cossack channel. Transport communications on Kobrin Highway – Divin. 242 economy, 668 inhabitants (2005).

Geography. The village Habovichi is in borders of the Brest Polesia, in the territory of Polesia Lowland. As a part of the crystal base allocate not dismembered amfibolitovo-gneissic complex: amfibolita, gneisses biotitovy, amfibol-biotitovy and amfibolovy, gneysagranita and granites. The platform cover has the power of 400 - 600 m. Concerning modern vertical earth movements in limits Habovich there are areas of lowering. Temperature at a depth of 500 m is in limits of 15-16 degrees.

Age of dochetvertichny deposits average-top Eocene. Dochetvertichny deposits are presented by genetic types: sand, alevrita, quartz glaykanitovye and marl. Power of quarternary deposits is from 40 to 120 meters. Age of deposits: top pleistocene and galatsen; genetic types: lake and alluvial and marsh. It is possible to distinguish eolovy deflations and eolovy accumulations from modern geological processes (to the west from the village). In the southeast bogging and a torfonakopleniye is characteristic.

In the geomorphological relation the village Habovichi is placed in the field of the Polesia lowland, a subarea of the Belarusian Polesia, in the Verkhnepripyatsky lowland. Extent of manifestation of extreme geomorphological processes average.

The water-bearing horizons consist of sandstones with pro-layers and lenses of other terrigenous and carbonate breeds. The surface of ground waters is on a mark of 140-160 m. Chemical composition of underground waters: 10-35 g/l, hloridno-sodium with a mineralization.

In 1993 at the request of inhabitants of Habovichi in the natural boundary Parkhomovshchina the artificial reservoir intended for for the organization of leisure of the population, 3 hectares of water smooth surface was created. In 1994 in a reservoir whitebaits are started: rudds, som, vyyun, perch, crucian, pike, small fry. In the fall of 2011 cleaning of the lake of coastal vegetation was carried out, process of bogging of a reservoir thereby was stopped. The artificial reservoir called in the people by the lake is the favourite vacation spot and fishings of inhabitants.

In the northeast from the village Habovichi the Cossack channel which connects the lake Lyuban and the canal of the Check proceeds. The Cossack channel has width from 3 to 7 meters depending on a season of year. A land relief flat with a vertical partition from 2nd to 5 m/km kV (a difference of the highest and lowest absolute mark (amplitude) in the area of 1 km of kV. The general inclination of slopes of a surface in this district does not exceed 0,5 degrees. Length of slopes of a relief of 100 m.

Total solar radiation during the warm period (April-September) makes 3100 MDzh/sq.m. Total solar radiation during the cold period (October – March) is equal to 800 - 850 MDzh/sq.m. Duration of sunshine is equal 1800-1850 hours. Average air temperature in January makes (-4,5 – (-5,0) hail. Average air temperature in July +18-18,5 hail. Average annual air temperature +7,0 hail. Average of the first autumn frosts because of September 30. Average of the last spring frosts because of May 5. Soil surface temperature in a month May makes 15,5 hail. Temperature of a surface of the soil (snow) in January (-5,5 hail). Duration of the bezmorozny period in air makes more than 160 days, and because of 145-150 days. Time of transition of average daily temperature of the soil through a mark 10 a hail at a depth of 5 cm is observed in the spring after April 25.

The amount of precipitation in January makes less than 35 mm and 80-85 mm in July. An average annual amount of precipitation – 600-650 mm. The number of days with rainfall in a year – 160-170. Average height of a snow cover is 15-20 cm. Time of formation of a steady snow cover occurs after December 26. Time of a descent of a steady snow cover on March 5-10. The village Habovichi is included into the Southern agroclimatic area which is characterized in the soft short winter, the largest duration of the warm and solar vegetative period. Unstable moistening. The best agroclimatic conditions for cultivation of sugar beet, sunflower, buckwheat, corn, etc. The number of transition of water temperature through the 4th hail within the village is observed from April 6 to April 10.

Soils in the neighborhood of the village Habovichi were formed on pochvoobrazuyushchy breeds: organogenic and on water and glacial (in the West). In soil geographical zoning of the soil Habovich treat the Southern (Polesia) province, in the southern western district and the Maloritsky subdistrict of cespitose and podsolic boggy sandy and peat and marsh soils. Soils in vicinities cespitose gleevaty and gleevaty on loams, sandy loams and sand. In the east and southeast peat and marsh low-lying. Quantity of a humus in soils more than 2,5%. General point of a cadastral assessment of lands 30-34 points.

In geobotanical division into districts of Habovichi are located in a subband of broad-leaved coniferous forests. Luga behind floodplains of the rivers on cespitose and podsolic and torfino - cespitose and gley soils with sites of grass bogs, bushes and arable lands (Phleum rga-tense L "Festuca pratensis Huds., Cynosurus cristatus L "Agrostis teknuis Sibth., Antoxanthum odoratum L., Briza media L. Nardus stricta L "Deschampsia cespitosa (L.J Beauv., Carex nigra L "C. panicea L "C. flava L., Poligonum bistorta L "Equi setum palustre L. The dominating types in the woods: alder, birch, pine, aspen, mountain ash. buckthorn, linden, oak. Proizrastayuet raspberry, bilberry, different types of mosses and cereals.

In zoogeographical zoning of Habovichi are in the West Polesia zoogeographical district. The ecological condition of the territory on anthropogenous pollution is rather favorable.

History. On written sources it is known about the 16th century as the settlement in the Troksky voivodeship INCL. In 1563 Habovichi - the village in Kobrin economy of VKL, 17 dragged lands. In 1597 the village Syaletskaga of a voytavstvo of the Kobrin starostvo, the tavern worked. In 1724 sat down in the Brest economy, 29 dragged lands. In 1789 the village, 47 farms, 260 inhabitants, tavern. After the 3rd section of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1795) as a part of the Russian Empire, in the Kobrin pavet, since 1801 in the Grodno province.

In 1888 Habovichsky orthodox parish totaled 1148 parishioners. In 1897 the village (at military and communication Kobrin-Divin Road), 76 yards, 551 inhabitants, worked Church of the Intercession, parish school, hlebozapasny shop, 2 windmills, pubs. In 1905 670 inhabitants. In 1911 607 inhabitants. 3 1921 village as a part of Poland, in Balotskay (Blotskay) to the gmena of the Kobrin County: 143 houses, 741 inhabitants. In the 1930th years the school worked.

3 1939 in BSSR, since 15.01.1940 in Divinsky district of the Brest Region, From 12.10.1940 to 30.10.1959 - the center of the Village Council of the same area, then the village as a part of Kiselevitsky village council, since 08.08.1959 in Kobrin district. In 1940 in the village 184 yards, 852 inhabitants, heads school, shop acted. In the territory of the Village Council 3 settlements and 1431 inhabitants were charged. In the Great Patriotic War in fights with fascist. aggressors on fronts 14 fellows villager (in 1965 the obelisk is established) died. In 1949 22 economy united in collective farm of Molotov (chairman M. S. Misyuk). On census of 1959 in Habovichakh 448 inhabitants, in 1970 - 1048 inhabitants.

Story of old residents about the village. There are many opinions on the name of the village Habovichi what it was who lived in it. There lived once one man, and he had a mill. And if he (and it was called the Hub) threw stones there, then flour poured from there. Having learned about it, people at once began and to gather in that place. Where eventually this place turned into a small village. After that, the glory of the Hub was carried worldwide and when this person died, the village was called by Habovichi, in honor of the Hub.

The grandfather told that at his age it was not absolutely the small village yet, then there were many farms and such pure and flat roads and streets were not. There was even no school, and studied at one person of the house which gave them lessons, not for money, and simply. At school, that person, had not such what now at us discipline. There for some wrong the behavior was struck birches a bargain and stood in the corner on knees with the raised hands up. People wore clothes which they to themselves sewed. From flax did dresses, and did footwear of bark of a rod, for example, bast shoes. The village was not such as now, there was no dining room, there was no school, club and to celebrate some holiday, thought out the some ceremonies, songs, games and so lived.

Today in Habovichakh. In 1999 255 farms, 713 inhabitants, the center of collective farm of Kutuzov (about 2004 APOs Kutuzovsky). There is a shop "Rodna kutnut", Sharm shop, recreation center, library, kindergarten, high school and branch of music school, health post, the dining room, post office (index 225875), JSC ASB Belarusbank (office No. 113/28), vetuchastak.

Telephone code 8-01642
International format +375 1642

Material was provided by Anatoly Mareyko



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