Memorable places in Kobrin

Historic center: Pervomayskaya Street

The recovered passable way which arose from time immemorial from Pinsk to Brest lay through Kobrin in the form of two streets stretched parallel to Mukhavts's current. East part turned into Pinskaya Street. The first written mention of it occurs in the document of the middle of XYI of a century: the queen Bona ordered to allocate a site under building on Pinskaya to the court jeweler. More detailed data on it contain in Audit. On this street there were 78 construction sites (almost twice more, than on Ratenskaya), from them 25 plebaniya (Catholic clergy) belonged. The name "Pinskaya" was so exact and convenient for inhabitants that within centuries it was not renamed, excepting the period of the German occupation of 1915-1918 when it was called East. During the Polish period (1921-1939) local authorities deprived the street of the right to bear the ancient, habitual name and immortalized in it significant date for the Polish people - on May 3. With establishment in 1939 in Kobrin district of the Soviet power the street called in honor of the Polish constitution was renamed in May Day.

Historic center of the city of Kobrin - building 18-19 centuries: buildings and constructions from the list of historical and cultural values of Republic of Belarus. Photos of buildings in their present shape are given below. So Pervomayskaya Street and houses at numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 entered in the list stated above looks.


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