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Mini-hotels in Kobrin the luxury to the apartment offers different placements from numbers. The arrangement in the downtown and at the same time a little away from a bustling street is ideally suited both for rest, and for business meetings. At accommodation more than 5 days for everyone the subsequent there will be a discount.

The maximum number of people for accommodation - 18.

In each number is available:
2nd sleeping bed
coffee table

Food: you can prepare on the place, or visit the nearest cafe, a pizzeria or restaurant.
Estimated time 12-00
Time of settling 13-00

Having stopped at us, you receive:
1. The guaranteed, European quality of service, the quiet house atmosphere.
2. The parking for your car
3. Convenient location (downtown)
4. At desire it is possible to use a bath
5. Use of the free Internet
6. A possibility of a meeting from the train or the bus
7. A possibility of cooking in house conditions
8. At desire the organization of excursions in Bialowieza Forest, the Brest fortress

Additional information:
We are directly in Kobrin's center
to the railway station of 3 km
to bus station of 3 km
to Brest 40 km

+ 375 29 363 77 73
+ 375 33 673 77 73

Our central address:
Mr. Kobrin, Sportivnaya St., 66

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