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Room reservation in Kobrin

You can reserve the room in one of hotels of the city of Kobrin or on one of nearby agroestates in advance. The number of places in hotels and agroestates is limited therefore see to it about a lodging for the night and rest to a trip.

Will offer you not only good terms in hotel rooms, but also will offer tasty (including national) I go. Especially will help to feel comfort, to feel the Belarusian traditions to you in agroestates. Many of them, in addition, will provide you fishing, hunting, billiards, an opportunity to take a steam bath in a bath, …

Photos for acquaintance

Belarus hotel

Bona hotel

Suvorov hotel


Belarus hotel
Kobrin, Suvorov St., 29. Ph. +375 (1642)22557, +375 (1642) 21367

Suvorov hotel
Kobrin, Druzhby St., 2. Ph. +375 (1642)39097, fax +375(1642)39096

KSDYuShOR hotel sauna
Mr. Kobrin, Dzerzhinsky St., 60. Ph. +375 (1642)43001, +375 (1642) 22672

Hotel IOOO "Kobvar"
Kobrin district, of Petki. Ph. +375 (1642)91110, +375 (1642) 28454

For booking of places you call by telephones stated above or by e-mail:

More detailed information on places of your possible accommodation can be obtained, using the menu of navigation. Using this menu, you can see photos, a location, to learn how to reach, etc.


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