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Sacred Church of the Ascension

It is located on the hill in the center of the village. It is constructed as the temple in 1735 (or 1799) in the settlement. October. In 1876 after closing of a local church in connection with its re-equipment in orthodox church it is transported in Gorodets and it is put on the rubble base.

Has lines of Baroque style. It is solved extended 4-wall by a felling under a 2-skatny gontovy roof, over a 5-faced apse for the account the zastreshka passes in valmovy. On the center (fad) to a roof are built a figured 3-level 8-faced dome. A plane frontal facade of a zavershana 3-coal are vertically sheathed by a pediment with 2 small roofing windows. The entrance is allocated 2-skatny with a porch on 2 columns. Lateral facades are vertically sheathed rhythmically dismembered by highly directed rectangular windows in different plinths and bars tags in piers. Over an antechurch to the hall open chorus. Walls in an interior are decorated by an ornamental frieze. 2 icons of the 19th century have art value. "Mother of God Odigitriya".


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Address: 225883, Kobrin district, item Gorodets
Phone: +375 (1642) 67-3-48

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