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Crash of "Kobrin cannery"

At once in post-war time in 1948 in the city of Kobrin one of the oldest food enterprises of Republic of Belarus – "Kobrin cannery" was founded. The plant was always famous for the production. In its shops over 150 product names at different times were issued. The plant worked only with a glass container – the best packing of tinned products for a human body. The glass container, as we know, does not do to an organism harm. Production was natural for all hundred percent and had quite reasonable price. About 50 percent of production of plant were made by green peas in which processing the enterprise was engaged nearly 60 years. The business card of plant – tinned green peas and marrow caviar.

In due time the regional economic court declared plant bankrupt, without having made the decision on its elimination. In the summer of 2007 the way of sanitation which then repeatedly lasted was chosen. However in due time it was not succeeded to extinguish all accounts payable. The plant with nice traditions is declared bankrupt and put up for sale at auction. Several times it was unsuccessfully tried to be sold. In the summer of 2013 the plant finally stopped work.

And here at the end of November after long calm at plant stir began. Began to sell at below cost prices production from warehouses (for example, the 3-liter jar of apple juice costs about 10 thousand Belarusian rubles). During sales enormous turns often are built – come by cars and stock up on boxes.

The enterprise is offered for sale as a uniform property complex. The buyer of Kobrin cannery will have to keep a profile of work of the enterprise within not less than five years, and also keep workplaces (as of the beginning of 2013 the number of employees of plant made 150-160 people).

In due time Kobrin actually lost spinning weaving mill of republican value (on its former squares the factory of toys "Polesia" nowadays prospers), the Kobrin tool plant "SITOMO" and Hydromash plant (the former repair plant) and some other enterprises are near death. It would not be desirable to lose one more enterprise with such nice traditions. Only the Board with transfer of nice achievements of plant reminds of former progress of the enterprise. However, be convinced. Let's be nevertheless optimists! It would be so unfair to cross out and lose so nice history of plant forever!

On a photo: Government awards of JSC Kobrin Cannery

Darya Ivinskaya, Belarusian news service, 04.12.2013


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