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60 years after the Victory – war proceed    

Time is ruthless. Veterans leave, carrying away with themselves a lot of things that any more will never become our property, - memory of the heaviest period of our history. Each veteran is invaluable, it as the Universe contains in itself(himself) secret of the Victory over the strong and terrible enemy. But the most terrible that they die not only from age diseases. Veterans are killed.

For many years in our area the remarkable and unusual person - Alexey Fedorovich Malenkov, the colonel in resignation who passed on a front line of 8 fronts of the Great Patriotic War lived and worked. At first ordered the battery, and then served in artillery investigation, one of the first forced Dnieper and Oder, participated in Kursk and Belgorod, Berlin and many other operations, was the chief of investigation of artillery of the 9th Guards Brest shooting case. He stormed Riga, Warsaw, Berlin, participated in a meeting on Elba with the American troops.

Alexey went to army on a Komsomol set in March, 1941. Being a student of two higher education institutions at once - transport and architectural institutes in the city of Kharkiv — he had the right to continue study, but the young man chooses other destiny - becomes the cadet of Tomsk artillery school. In May, 1942 the school does the accelerated release of second lieutenants. As an exception, considering high rates in study, to Malenkov the rank the lieutenant is given. And at once - on the front, the commander of a fire platoon in the 60th case art regiment, in the scorching heat of battles situated near Moscow. After this baptism the chief of artillery of the case appoints the 19-year-old lieutenant the commander of the battery. Soon on a breast of the lieutenant Malenkov the first war decoration - an award of the Red Banner laid down.
A.F. Malenkov during Great to Patriotic war was three times provided to a rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union for the feats made by it, including speeding up of Dnieper, Vistula and Oder. The first with fight with a platoon of investigation entered Brest. In Belarus in the city of Kobrin in the museum of Suvorov the exposition is devoted to it. He was awarded by two awards of the Battle Red Flag, three awards of the Great Patriotic War, three awards of the Red Star, many medals. Among its awards there are also Polish - for capture of Warsaw and Gryunvald - Berlin.

After the Victory Alexey Malenkov remained in shots of the Soviet Army, graduated from military academy, defended the dissertation, became the candidate of military sciences, the associate professor. Served in rocket and artillery troops, worked in Military and artillery academy at department of expeditious art, brought up many generations of the Russian officers, passing on it the invaluable experience of the veteran, was a favourite of listeners. It was transferred to the reserve in a colonelcy in 1986.

The last 17 years it fruitfully worked in system of the Ministry of emergency situations, the chief of courses of civil defense of Petrogradsky district. Alexey Fedorovich created on courses the real scientific center on development of effective methods of training and the prevention of emergency situations. To it was already under 80, and he trained one for other book and manuals on protection of the enterprises, establishments and the population in the conditions of emergency situations, including at floods in St. Petersburg. It was the generator of scientific ideas and the leading methodologist of the Northwest center of emergency situations, had tens of thanks and diplomas.

Alexey Fedorovich was known not only in St. Petersburg, but also in the country. About its feats numerous articles in the press, were published in a series of books "Glory Wreath", shooting was planned for ORT of the movie devoted to his life and activity to the 60 anniversary of the Great Victory. And he was the author of three books about the Great Patriotic War.

In 81 years he was full of energy, plans and tasks. In the morning and spent 6-8 hours of lecture occupations in the afternoon, and worked as evenings on the book about strategy of Oryol and Kursk operation in which took part. He wanted to inform people of what is often hidden after lines of official data. Its active participation in the organization and preparation of the major management for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the country - "The desktop reference book of the officer of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia, new methods of protection of the population against emergency situations, including floods and terrorism" was planned.

And suddenly all this broke.... On January 8, 2004 at an entrance of the house on Bogatyrsky Avenue (d-7, box. 5) in broad daylight he was rascally killed. At the same time it was crowded - nearby in the yard children walked, municipal services worked, at an entrance there were people all the time, murderers were seen. Having meanly attacked from a back, struck it two direct brutal shots in whisky with a firm subject and took nothing - either money, or things, or documents...

The veteran, the worker of public service - the Ministries of emergency situations — was not engaged in commerce, directed all efforts to service of Russia and society, performed the major works ensuring our safety, was in public service. He was killed, it is possible to tell in the eyes, and in one and a half years the consequence did not forward matter by a single step - there are no results.

Upon murder by prosecutor's office of Primorsky district criminal case which periodically stopped was brought, and after numerous appeals of the serious organizations and veterans was resumed again. Companions and Alexey Fedorovich's colleagues unanimously speak about contract murder. And this belief has strong reasons. Among possible causes of the murder call revenge for an appeal to the court of Petrogradsky district upon installation to A.F. Malenkov's wife of a false endoprosthesis of a joint of a neck of a hip. (The version was investigated by the newspaper "Your Privy Councillor" No. 41 of October 25, 2004.) Business extremely long dragged on in court Besides, A.F. Malenkov persistently defended preservation in state property of the room of courses GO of Petrogradsky district on which commercial structures reckoned.

To understand and make responsible guilty persons - a problem of a consequence. Today veterans from the different cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus write about it. Letters them are full of pain and bitterness: Alexey Fedorovich who passed all war, having serious wounds died days in reanimation of Elizabethan hospital. Fascist shells and bullets could not kill him, and 60 years later meanly killed him in a peace time in the Northern capital of Russia. Alexey Fedorovich on the Serafimovsky cemetery, behind a memorial complex of the victims of blockade, site 11-B in the first row is buried.

Veterans of our area consider that this murder should not remain unpunished. They demand that everything was made for performance of a debt of society to the people who rescued it from death 60 years ago. With this requirement they address the prosecutor of the city and area and in the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation - let those who are guilty of this crime before society, before sacred memory of the Great Victory will answer.
We will watch closely the investigation course.

... Council of veterans
MO Commandant's airfield

60 years after the Victory – war proceed//Komendatsky airfield. – 2005. – May 


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