Culture of Kobrin district

Regional methodical center

The regional methodical center of department of culture of Kobrin district executive committee is created in 1988. Performs organizational and methodical management of club establishments of Kobrin district.

Now in Kobrin district work 37 establishments of club type. Activity of club establishments of the area is directed to creation of necessary conditions for development of national culture, more effective work on cultural service of the population.

Effective form of support of folk art is carrying out festival actions. Along with traditional holidays, reviews, competitions Kobrin RMTs organizes new festival actions and cultural projects. On January 19, 2011 in Kobrin Palace of culture final event of a regional holiday competition of Christmas programs and orthodox chants "A Christmas star" is for the first time held. A competition is held annually in December-January. Church staff, certain performers and on-stage performance groups of cultural institutions and art take part in a holiday. There passes in September a festival competition of traditional culture "Gold of fields" not less interestingly. In June, 2011 for children and teenagers the regional holiday competition "Young Talents" is for the first time carried out, in August, 2011 there took place the first selection rounds of a regional competition of young performers "Summer". Annually in December the regional show competition "Parade of Talents" is held.

Under the direction of the methodical center in the area are created and successfully new types of cultural institutions work:

- Ostromichsky center of culture and leisure,
- Divinsky House of crafts, autoclub, schools of folk art.

At club establishments of the area are created and 22 on-stage performance groups work with a rank "national" and "exemplary":

1. National folklore staff "Litvinyanka" of Batchinsky rural Recreation center;
2. National chorus of Bolotsky rural club;
3. National chorus of Gorodetsky of rural club;
4. National chorus of Divinsky Recreation center;
5. National chorus of Zalessky Recreation center;
6. National ensemble of a song and music of "Zaranits" of Magdalinsky Recreation center;
7. National club of fans of folklore "Magdalene" of Magdalinsky Recreation center;
8. National chorus of Orekhovsky Recreation center;
9. National ensemble of a song and "Yasnits" of Strigovsky Recreation center;
10. National chorus of Hidrinsky Recreation center, and also 12 staff of Kobrin Palace of culture.

Club establishments of the area render to the population of 28 types of paid services, 4 types of paid services are rendered by autoclub. Annually new types of service take root.

The Kobrin regional methodical center renders 19 types of paid services: computer typing, scanning of the text and graphics, development of scenarios, services of leaders and event managers, organization of concerts, etc. At the methodical center the library on culture and art works.

Contact information

Address: Brest Region, Mr. Kobrin, Suvorov St., 25.
Operating mode: Monday-Friday from 8:00 till 17:00.
+375(1642)2-88-17 - the director;
+375(1642)2-91-98 - methodologists;
+375(1642)4-29-78 - methodologists;
+375(1642)2-39-87 - the methodologist, the manager. autoclub;


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