Memorable places in the area: Shemetovka

Park in the village of Shemetovka

Former estate of a family of Shemet. The palace did not remain. It represented the one-storeyed mansard wooden building. The central entrance to the palace was accented by a small porch on wooden columns. The palace was built by Shemetami in the 2nd half of the 19th century. In post-war time in the estate the office of local collective farm was located.
At the same time with construction of the Palace in a manor the landscape park was put, a number of economic objects are built: barn, lyamus, etc. In landscape gardening ensemble the entrance avenue with gate conducted. On perimeter there was a walking avenue, the channel was laid bypass.

The area of the remains of park makes about 3 hectares today. The composition of park is strongly broken, a state it very started. The oak, a linden, a maple, an ash-tree, a poplar, an acacia, a willow, an alder and other trees grow in it. Many trees reached old age.

In 1998 the extensive damage is caused to park, in it the platform under construction of the inhabited private sector was cleared away. A number of century trees are destroyed. Now destruction of historical park is stopped. For the remains of park are required protection of the state.


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