The house in which took place Revk

The house in which took place Revk has No. 14 and is on Komsomoltsev Square (Zamkovaya square now). Here from July 31 to September 13, 1920 there was a Kobrin district revolutionary-military committee the first body of the Soviet power in the city and the county. 31.7.1920 for the second day after release of the city from the Polish invaders, the revolutionary-military committee to which all power in the Kobrin County (the chairman — P.E. Horoshilov passed was created here. the commander of one of the parts releasing Kobrin, the secretary — V. K. Karlitsky, members E. Kartenbaum and Kulev). The committee established a mail service and railway traffic, conducted preparation for elections to Councils. For maintenance of a revolutionary order the militia led by F. I. Fedosyuk and district office of provincial ChK as a part of D. Levchuk was organized. G. Pantel and P. I. Fedosyuk. 13.9.1920. in connection with approach of troops of a bourgeois Wormwood revky moved to Drogichin, then to Gomel where 17.10.1920 it is disbanded.

In 1959 on the house the memorial board is established. At present it is absent.

Litas.: Revolutionary committees of BSSR and their activities for consolidation of the Soviet power and organization of socialist construction (July — December, 1920): Sb. documents and materials. Mn., 1957.


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