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Sacred Church of the Intercession

Sacred Church of the Intercession is located on the suburb of the village. It is constructed at the beginning of 20 century of a tree. The building consists of the central krestovo-dome volume, the pentahedral apse which is trampling down to it and the developed antechurch connected to the central part linking volume. Over a rectangular antechurch in the plan it is located chetverik with the octahedral belltower finished by a tent. On crossing of a nave and ill-defined cross aisle there is an octahedral light drum on a chetverika topped with a tent with a glavka.

Walls of church are horizontally boarded, raskrepovana shovels. Cross aisle branches, face parts of an antechurch and a wall of a bema over the lowered apse are allocated with triangular pediments with sloping roofs. The space under a tent is formed by step connection of a drum and a covering of the main volume. Church — a monument of traditional wooden architecture with elements of classicism and motives of a gothic style.

It is entered in the list of historical and cultural values of RB (1937)


Fyodorov T. photo.

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