Memorable places in the area: Zhukhovtsa

Monument to Orlov Ivan Ivanovich

The monument to Orlov Ivan Ivanovich is located at a highway Moscow roadside — Brest, near the bridge through river Mukhavets. One of organizers of the guerrilla movement in Kobrin district I. I. Orlov was born in the Kostroma region. Having appeared in the territory occupied by fascist aggressors, created underground group which began to work in January, 1942. In April, 1942 it together with other groups united in guerrilla group of V. I. Chapayev which commander was I. I. Orlov. 27.4.1943 in attempt to destroy the bridge through river Mukhavets I. I. Orlov died.

His name is appropriated to one of groups of guerrilla crew of V. I. Chapayev. In 1974 for perpetuating of memory of the brave guerrilla the monument is established. 


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