Memorable places in the area: Glinyanki

Memorial "Golgotha"

Near Kobrin it is planned to create a small memorial of memory of the destroyed Orthodox churches of Kobrin district. Now fund raising on its construction is declared. The memorial will be created in the center of the village of of Glinyanki, near Svyato-Ioanno-Kormyanskoy of church. A memorial "GOLGOTHA" will represent a huge Cross with a crucifixion of Christ which foot and nearby will have stones with memorial plates of stories of temples. There will be also a huge stone boulder of "Kazinets" which is recently found in 0,5 km from the village of Glinyanka. The basic that locals knew and remembered this stone, is a trace of a barefoot leg of the Mother of God which once visited in our corner of the world, covering the earth with the Cover, and once stopped to have a rest, having sat down on this stone. The mark of foot of the Mother of God which was once passing over Kobrin remained still. Stories forever of the lost orthodox shrine (temples) are printed on pages of "The historical truth" and the website "Tourist Kobrin". 18 temples of Kobrin district and the city of Kobrin are already described.

You can make also the feasible contribution to implementation of the project on reconstruction of Golgotha, having listed the donations on an Account No. Svyato-Ioanno-Kormyanskoy of church of the village of Glinyanka: Account No. 3015411150013 of payment processing center No. 27 Mr. Kobrin, branch of JSC of "Belagroprombank", Brest OU, code 150501401.

The specified settlement account Svyato-Ioanno-Kormyanskoy of church is new (it it became in 2014). Church council thanks all for the help in implementation of this project.

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