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Sacral stone

Planning and building of the village. The village is located on the flat treeless district. Is divided into old (southern) part and new (northern), built up in the 1940th. Extent of old part of the village of 0,7 km. The main type of farmstead building - a single-row shoulder strap. The land plots narrow and long (width of 15-20 m, length is up to 100 m). Houses go outside end faces and are separated from it by small front gardens. In the depth of a site the shed and a mow under the same roof are located. Distinctive feature of planning of the village — accurate zoning of farmstead sites with passes between estates (are used in the economic purposes.

From the remained houses (the end 19 - the beginning of 20 century) the three-chambered hut (a hut + an outer entrance hall + the storeroom) with a well and the economic constructions attached to it is allocated. Old part of the village - a sample of the traditional settlement with linear planning to one street and bilateral building. To villages the sacral stone with unreadable inscriptions is located.


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