Memorable places in the area: Belsk

Mass grave of the Soviet soldiers and guerrillas in Belsk

The mass grave of the Soviet soldiers and guerrillas is in 3 km to the southeast from the village. About 20 soldiers and guerrillas of the Great Patriotic War soldiers are buried. In March, 1944 in the direction of. A shouting soldiers of the 1293rd regiment of the 160th shooting division conducted approach. Command of a division set the task to group of M. N. Cherpak guerrilla crews of I. V. Stalin to hold a crossing via the Nizovsky channel before approach of the main parts. The first attack of the opponent for the purpose of capture of a crossing was beaten off. The enemy lost about 250 soldiers and officers. Having received a reinforcement, fascists resumed attacks, on every time guerrillas beat off them. Two days (on March 24 and 25) the group held a crossing before approach of parts of the 160th shooting a division. In 1946 on a grave the obelisk is established.

Litas.: In a uniform system: Memoirs of participants of the guerrilla movement in Belarus, 1941-1944. Mn., 1970.

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