Schukin Lev Kirillovich

Lev Kirillovich Schukin - 15 air victories in the Korean war, the third Soviet expert of the Korean war, the colonel, the Hero of the Soviet Union.

L. K. Schukin was born on October 29, 1923 in Noginsk the Moscow region in the employee's family. Soon the family moved to Krasnodar. In 1939 it came to aero club. In June, 1941 Lev Schukin ends 1 O classes, aero club and receives the direction in the Odessa military aviation school. In a month Germans and Romanians were already near Odessa, and carried cadets at first to Tbilisi, then to Stalingrad and then to Central Asia. Problems with fuel which sharply was required to the front began, and cadets to a bigger measure were engaged in the theory, than practice. Only in the middle of 1942 regular flights on UT-2, UTI-4, I-16 began.

At the beginning of 1944 the sergeant Schukin finished training and was sent to the 13th spare aviaregiment located in Babruysk to the pilot-designer's position. Only in August, 1945 the lieutenant Schukin got to a military unit - in the 18th Vitebsk twice Decorated with the Order of the Red Banner the Orders of Suvorov 11 degrees Guards iap to a position of the senior pilot.

In 1947 all 303rd aviadivision where also the 18th entered Guards iap, being based on airfields near Brest (Kobrin), received on arms and an attack of silt to development new jet aeromechanics - jet istrebiteliyak-15 and MiG-9. Among the first who mastered these jet fighters to a regiment there was also a lieutenant Schukin. By the beginning of 1949 the division was completely reweaponed on more perfect MiG-15. Pilots of a division took part in aviation parades over Red Square. Among the best pilots of a regiment also the senior lieutenant of l was registered. K. Schukin.

In July, 1950 the 303rd division was thrown quickly to the Far East and transferred to structure of the 54th air defense separate army. Soon echelons with equipment and staff arrived to the large city of Mukden located in Northeast China.

Till May pilots of the 303rd aviadivision prepared for fights in the sky of Korea: studied the war zone, tactics and strategy of use of aircraft of the USA on this battlefield, and also fulfilled technology of piloting and other methods of air fight.

In this business trip Schukin decreased the skilled pilot, the senior lieutenant, at a position of the commander of a link of the 1st squadron of the 18th Guards regiment which was ordered then by the captain A. F. Maznev. Schukin because of shortage of pilots at the beginning of fights had to fly the senior pilot in a link of the captain A. A. Kalyuzhny. Pilots of the 18th Guards regiment the first in a division engaged with the American pilots when on May 8, 1951, on the eve of the Victory Day, all three eskadrilyiprizemlitsya on boundary airfield Andong where two regiments of the 324th division of Kozheduba were already based. Already in the second half of day the senior lieutenant Schukin executed the first fighting departure, but had no meeting with the opponent yet.

The first at Schukin occurred on May 28, 1951. At 15:30 on cover of the bridge in the area Andunya took off in full strength l-I a squadron as a part of 8 MiG-15bis led by komesky the captain Maznev. In the area Andunya, at the height of 9000 meters, they met 8 fighters f-86 "Seybr", but those a dive left in
southern direction.

On June 1, 1951, at 13 o'clock in the afternoon, on interception of enemy planes l-I was lifted a squadron as a part of eight crews under team of the captain Maznev. Near Andong they found 6 "Mustangs", and Maznev ordered to a link of the captain Kalyuzhny to attack them. Having paired off, our link advanced to the attack on "Mustangs" who flew at small height. Schukin managed to leave from the first attack to a short distance and two turns to bring down the leader of the second couple of "Mustangs" who lit up and fell in hills.

The senior lieutenant Schukin won the next victory in the evening on June 6 and again in group with the companions. The link was lifted in air at the beginning of the seventh evening, on command with KP on cover of planes of a division of Kozheduba who with the small rest of fuel came back home. After landing of pilots from a division of Kozheduba with KP ordered to see small heights around Syarenkan. Soon they found two links of attack planes f-80 "Shuting is old" which worked on a highway site. After attack of "MiG" from above the system of "Shuting of star" was scattered, and they one by one began to leave towards the gulf. Our group managed to finish one F-80.

So on Schukin's account there was one more jet attack plane which is brought down in group, but now f-80 "Shuting is old" - "clown". But fighting experience was given hardly, sometimes it was necessary to pay for it. So occurred in fight on June 17 when from airfield Andong two of our regiments were lifted consistently. The first at the beginning of the ninth morning 18 crews of the 176th Guards regiment left a division of Kozheduba, and in a few minutes after them 16 crews left structure of the 18th Guards. Among them and Schukin who WITH the conducted senior lieutenant V. Akatov entered a link of the captain A. A. Kalyuzhny.

Around Sensen their group was are attacked from above by group of 16 fighters f-86 "Seybr", and our pilots had to engage. During vigorous maneuver the link of the captain Kalyuzhny was paired off. Fight took place on verticals with a height difference from 9000 to 2000 meters. On these maneuvers his conducted Akatov came off Schukin. After fight Schukin was attached To couple of the captain Kalyuzhny. At return around Sensen Schukin's plane was unexpectedly attacked by the four f-86. One of them, having approached on a short distance, opened fire.

The blow was exact: by plane management is killed, Schukin is wounded by splinters in a face and forced to catapult. It landed successfully, soon it was picked up by Chinese, distinguished that they it "", And brought to hospital where that lay until the end of August.

Only in the middle of August Schukin arrived to the regiment though had full authority to go to the Union as according to the solution of our command each pilot after receiving wound in fight or after ejection had full authority to return home. Many and did, but Lev Kirillovich has bsh scores with the American pilots, and he refused homecoming and returned to a regiment for continuation of participation in fights against aircraft of the UN.

Having arrived to a regiment which was based on Miaogou's airfield, he found changes in structure of the squadron: the captain Kalyuzhny decreased with increase, and on wound the captain A. D. Skidan is the deputy commander. There arrived the captain N. V. Babonin, and to the place of Kalyuzhny the senior lieutenant Schukin was put. The fighting departure, the first after wound, L. Schukin made on August 29 on cover Supkhun hydroelectric power station on the Yalu River.

Then on interception of planes of the opponent the eight MiG-15 under command of the captain Babonin left, and as a part of this group there was also Schukin's couple of. Schukin with the conducted V. N. Akatov were behind and above the main group. About II o'clock in the morning around Chongdzhu they found 8 jet fighters "Meteor" going at the height of 9000 meters. Having advantage in height, our pilots advanced to the attack to "Meteors" in couples. The opponent's pilots, conceding to "MiG" In speed, began to apply horizontal maneuver, and our pilots tried to catch them.

Schukin managed to approach one of "Meteors" on a distance of 100 meters and to affect with fire from all guns his left wing and the engine which lit up. After that Schukin's link, having broken a link of "Meteors", left on the airfield, and Babonin's link attacked the second link of "Meteors" and, having brought down one more, forced the others to disengage. Our planes had no damages. The third victory of Lev Schukin in the sky of Korea was so won.

Under blow of "MiG" this day pilots of the 77th destructive aviasquadron of the Australian Royal Air Force who were conducted then by the commander R. Wilson (Wilson) got. Its plane also got under Schukin's blow. Wilson's car sustained serious damage, and the pilot was wounded, but nevertheless managed on one engine under cover conducted to reach base and to put her. On the earth in the left wing of its plane it was found big breakdowns on from a 37-mm shell of a gun MiG-15.

On September 2, 1951 grandiose air battle of pilots of the 303rd iad with pilots of the 4th iag the U.S. Air Force, armed with fighters f-86 took place. This day to the vrayena Ansyu battles in which more than 200 fighters on both sides participated in total ran high. On a feather the successful fellow of planes of the opponent all regiments 303rd iad consistently rose. Around Hakusen 24 "instant" brotherly the 523rd iap attacked 30 F-86. To them pilots 17-go and the 18th aviaregiments came to support. Americans, in turn, also sent two more big groups "Seybrov" to a battle-ground. In fact, in this battle on limited space and at the heights up to 13 thousand meters more than two divisions of fighters battled.

At one of the fight moments near Schukin's plane there passed the route - it conducted "Seybr" shot. On revenue of the leader Akatov hurried and beat off attack, but itself got under blow of the second couple f-86. The senior lieutenant Victor Akatov conducted Schukina, guards, died.

In this battle by pilots of the 303rd division 9 fighters f-86, 7 of which on the account of pilots a 18-gopolka are destroyed. But also the regiment suffered heavy losses: two planes were lost and both pilots died. After Akatov's death conducted at Schukin the senior lieutenant A. Astapovsky who recently arrived to a guard regiment began to fly. October became the most productive for Lev Kirillovich. During this period the aircraft of the UN, and in the sky of North Korea sharply became more active
fierce air fights ran high. On October 2 Schukin brought down next "Seybr". But the hottest days were given in the twentieth of October when the American command destroyed airfields of North Koreans under construction around Namsi, Saamchkhan and Techkhon. To prevent input in a system of these objects, Americans threw into fight the B-29 bombers under the strengthened cover of fighters.

The real battles ran high on October 22, 23 and 24. For l-y the squadron of the 18th regiment set the task of a forging of fighters of cover while pilots of other regiments had to "be engaged" in B-29. For these three most intense days of guard the senior lieutenant L. Schukin brought down three fighters of the opponent: On October 22 and 23 - on one f-84 "Tanderdzhet", and on October 24 - one more "Meteor" from structure of the same 77th Australian AZ.

The last, the fifth, a victory in October Schukin won the 30th when the regimental group of the 18th giap on targeting with KP was removed on 36 f-84. Serious fight which soon broke up to separate couples and links was started. Schukin eventually managed to leave on vertical maneuver in a tail to one of f-84 and from a distance in 150 meters to strike from all weapon emplacements.

In this fight Lev Schukin lined f-84, and that crash-landed on the base that confirm also the American sources. In November battles in the sky of North Korea were conducted generally with destructive and bombing aircraft of the U.S. Air Force which tried to paralyze the movement on all thoroughfares of Democratic People's Republic of Korea and struck bomboshturmovy blows to motor transport and railway stations in the territory of North Korea.

On November 18, 1951 Americans organized a massive raid on one of highway sites around Ansyu. For implementation of the plan they sent 48 f-84 which attacked consistently groups eight cars. And an exit to the region of the purpose was carried out from the sea where to our pilots it was forbidden to come. Having taken off on alarm as a part of a regiment and having come to this area, our pilots found below themselves, at the height of 4000 meters, the eights f-84 with destructive cover. Time for thought was not any more, and the lieutenant colonel Smorchkov conducting the shelf ordered to crews of l-y and squadrons to attack the 2nd "Tanderdzheta", and pilots of the 3rd ae the captain P. N. Antonov were engaged in "Seybrami" which appeared above.

Attack of our pilots turned out straight off, with turn to the left-down and very high-speed. Already in the first calling Schukin and his conducted Astapovsky struck also on one f-84. After this attack the opponent was scattered, and maneuverable fight in which management on both sides was was started in air it is extremely complicated therefore the system of "MiG" also broke up to couples and links. During further fight Schukin managed to bring down one more f-84. It was the only departure for all the time of business trip when Lev Kirillovich managed to strike two planes of the opponent at once.

On November 13, 1951 Schukin was awarded a high rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union and at the same time raised in a rank. Therefore on watch on November 18 the pilot took up in a rank of guard of the captain positions of the deputy commander of l-y of a squadron of the 18th Guards regiment. At the end of November Schukin and some other pilots of a regiment were directed to rest in the sanatorium located in. Distant on the Liaodong Peninsula where spent month.

On December 23 the captain Schukin an attack silt to performance of fighting tasks, and in the same day on the second departure it participated in fight with "Seybrami". The departure was divisional on reflection of a raid of enemy aircraft. However only the part of pilots of the 18th regiment participated in air fight with F-86.

During this fight Schukin together with conducted forced a link to pass "Seybrov" from a horizontal to vertical maneuver where MiG Seius surpassed "A sconce", and on the ascending right spiral our pilots managed to approach the opponent, and from a distance of 120 meters Schukin shot fourth "Seybr".

Until the end of the year the expert happened to participate even in three air fights: two about "Seybrami" and one with attack planes F-80. The air fight, last in 1951, with F-80 group was given productive. On prosecution of the opponent of steam Schukin decreased below tops of hills, having entered one of mountain gorges, and found couple of attack planes F-80 which, being thawed, came back to base.

Having approached from below the opponent, Schukin shot the leader's plane. With I and on January II the captain Schukin made 17 fighting departures, participated in 6 air fights: five times fought with "Seybrami" and once with "Tanderdzhetami". On January 6 the captain Schukin shot down the last plane of the opponent in the sky of Korea - F-86 was it (it was the fifth "Seybr" which is brought down by it and the 17th plane which is shot down in the sky of Korea).

War ended for Lev Kirillovich on the II of January, 1952 during a fighting departure on interception of planes of the opponent. In that departure in fight several tens fighters from structure of the 303rd and 324th destructive aviation divisions met with approximately same number of fighters from structure of the 51st wing of the U.S. Air Force which recently arrived to Korea armed new F-86E.

In this fight MiG-15bis of the captain Schukin was brought down, the pilot managed to catapult. At Americans one of "Seybrov" which pilot, the 1st lieutenant Til Reeves, died was also brought down. Who shot down Lev Schukin's plane, precisely it is still unknown, but four pilots of the 51st wing including the commander double expert colonel F. Gabretski apply for this victory at once.

After treatment the captain Schukin returned to a regiment, but on fighting tasks did not fly any more. On February 24 the regiment decreased to the Soviet Union. During the Korean war the Hero of the Soviet Union captain Schukin made 121 fighting departures with a fighting raid of 99 hours 49 minutes, carried out 37 group air fights, personally brought down 15 and in group two planes of the opponent: 5 f-86, 5 f-94, three F-80, two "Meteors" and two "Mustangs". In fights in Korea L. K. Schukin was brought twice down, easily wounded.

He was the most high-awarded Soviet pilot "for Korea". To Schukin the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union with delivery of the Order of Lenin was given, in several days after assignment of a high rank it was handed the medal "For Services in Battle", earlier, in October, 1951, he was awarded awards of the Red Banner, and in September of the 1952nd is awarded by the second Order of Lenin. After homecoming the captain Schukin is sent to Military and air academy. Having graduated from academy in 1957, the major Schukin was sent to Belarus where, having served till 1977, decided to remain.

On a photo from left to right: the captain L. K. Schukin, the captain A. A. Litvinovsky (from the 523rd IAP), and the Art. the lieutenant A. A. Svintitsky on vacation in Koshegavra's sanatorium. November, 1951.

 On fighters it flew till 1975, then served as the commander of a regiment, then the senior inspector of the Air Force of the district. The last mastered types - MiG-21 and MiG-23, the general raid - more than 2700 hour. Retired in a colonelcy. After dismissal from army Lev Kirillovich began to work as the senior teacher at the Belarusian state institute of a national economy in Minsk.

The pensioner of allied value, the Hero of the Soviet Union the colonel of aircraft Lev Kirillovich Schukin lived and worked in the capital of Belarus the hero town of Minsk. Prinimalbolshy participation in public life of the city, actively participated in veteran actions, met youth. Died on May 2, 2009.

The Hero of the Soviet Union (13.11.1951) colonel L. K. Schukin is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, an award of the Red Banner, medals.


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