Drying Aemilia Anatolyevna

In 1984, having finished 8 classes SSh No. 7 of Mr. Kobrin and music school on a violoncello class, came to Pinsky normal school of A.S. Pushkin. Having graduated from normal school, from August, 1988 to July, 1993 worked as the teacher of initial classes in SSh No. 8 of Mr. Kobrin. Since 1989 in parallel studied in absentia and in 1993 graduated from the Brest state teacher's college in "Pedagogics and a technique of elementary education". In 1993-1994g. "The practical psychologist in establishments of education" on the basis of special faculty of social pedagogics and practical psychology of the Belarusian state pedagogical university of M. Tank received qualification.

In the period of "country boom" (1994 - 2000) on own project and with own hand constructed brick very small, but cozy country house. In free time I like to work at the seasonal dacha.

I love humour, hokhma, tricks, jokes. The circle of hobbies is very various, in particular, I sing, I write rhymes and songs.

Since 1994 and till present I work as the educational psychologist in SSh No. 6 of Mr. Kobrin. I am a lecturer of society "Znaniye". From 2002 to 2007 - the applicant in "Pedagogical psychology" at department of pedagogics and psychology in postgraduate study of RIVSh (Minsk). Applied result of scientific research was the book "Didactic Material for Improvement of Skill of Reading Younger School Students" created in a co-authorship with the candidate of psychological sciences M. Z. Yanovsky and published in April, 2007 in MGEI publishing house which is successfully used at schools of Belarus. From 1993 for 2008 published several selections of verses in the Kobrin Vestnik newspaper, in the "yunosti Znamya" newspaper. Published a number of the scientific and practical articles which are generally devoted to individualization of training in reading in the RB scientific and methodical editions.

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