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Safety issues

Personal security – what to pay attention to, where to ask for the help, etc.

Crime rate in Belarus

Crime rate in Belarus is rather low, and crimes against foreigners are single, and generally it is robbery cases. Usual precautionary measures will ensure your safety. On arrival to Belarus it is necessary to be registered in your embassy.

The women visiting Belarus one

The women visiting Belarus alone have to take the same precautionary measures, as well as in any other country. It is not necessary to remain at night on the street of one. Carefully you treat proposals of strangers to treat with binge or to bring. Try that somebody knew where you are and when you return. In the majority of trains of the Belarusian formation there are no separate compartments – only for women or only for men. But it should not cause concern as the Belarusian men are, as a rule, very affable.

Militia in Belarus

Enter into the Belarusian system of protection of a law and order:
- bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (militia)
- National central bureau of the Interpol at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Belarus
- Committee for State Security (CSS)

Numbers of the emergency services in Belarus

In case of force majeure in Belarus it is necessary to dial the corresponding free number:
- militia 102
- emergency medical service 103
- fire service 101


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