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How to arrive to Belarus

It is easy to reach Belarus by the air, railway and motor transport – there are direct routes from the majority of the European countries and CIS countries.

Flight to Belarus

Most of travelers arrive to Belarus. The national airport Minsk – the largest in the country. It is the modern airport with the developed infrastructure (banks, restaurants, shops, etc.). The national airline of Belarus of "Belavia" offers daily flights to the large European cities, including: Frankfurt, Vienna, Kiev, London, Moscow, Paris, Riga, Rome, Warsaw

Among the large airlines offering flights to Minsk: "Lufthansa" (Germany), "The Austrian airlines", "Lot" (Poland), "Al's Ale" (Israel), "Etikhad Erveys" (United Arab Emirates)

The airport is located almost in 30 km from Minsk. After passing of passport control you can reach the city: by bus (each hour plies); taxi (about 20 euros); the car for rent (the car can be hired in the hall of arrivals)

To Belarus by train

In Belarus fine international railway communication. It is possible to arrive to Minsk by train practically from any large city of Europe and CIS. The railway station of Minsk – one of the largest in Europe. He works round the clock and offers full range of services, including: restaurants, bars, shops, drugstore, left-luggage offices, playroom.

To Belarus on the car

It is possible to arrive to Belarus on the car – in the country an extensive network of highways. You should cross border through any of check border check-points. For driving of the car in Belarus you need the international driver's license. Right-hand traffic. Restriction of speed of the movement on highways – 120 km/h (75 miles an hour). Inscriptions on road signs are made on Cyrillics. On signs at large traffic intersections the Latin alphabet is used. In Belarus only some types of foreign policies of assurance of tourists are valid. The insurance can be got on border for 15 days. Its cost – from 5 euros.

Since August 1, 2013 in Belarus the electronic system of collecting a fare on highways – BelToll works.

Roads with a general extent of 815 km are paid: Highway M1/E 30 Brest (Kozlovichi) – Minsk – border of the Russian Federation (Radish) (609 km), and also separate sites of automobile routes: M2 Minsk – the National airport Minsk (27 km), M3 Minsk – Vitebsk (32 km), M4 Minsk – Mogilev (58 km), M5/E 271 Minsk – Gomel (44 km), M6/E 28 Minsk – Grodno – border of Poland (Bruzgi) (45 km).

Driving through the roads which are a part of the system BelToll:

paid – for drivers of vehicles: with technically admissible lump no more than 3,5 t (cars, passenger minibuses) which are registered outside the Customs union; with technically admissible lump more than 3,5 t (trucks, buses, mobile houses).

free – for drivers of cars with technically admissible lump no more than 3,5 tons from the countries of the Customs union (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan).

Are also exempted from a payment: mopeds and motorcycles; the wheel tractors and self-propelled cars registered in the territory of Belarus; vehicles of expeditious appointment; the route vehicles which are carrying out city transportations of passengers; the vehicles used for ensuring defense capability and a law and order, delivery of health care, elimination of an emergency or transportation of goods of humanitarian aid.

Tariffs for movement on the Belarusian highways are established depending on technically admissible lump of the vehicle and quantity of axes and make from 0,04 euros to 0,12 euros for kilometer. An indispensable condition – existence in the car of the specialized onboard device.

Detailed information on use of the BelToll system can be learned here.

To Belarus by bus

The majority of the international bus flights to Belarus arrive to the central bus station of Minsk. Though it is a little objects of service on bus station, it is near the central railway station which services can use all visitor.


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