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Health during trips to Belarus – from inoculations to precautions in food

Whether any inoculations before a trip to Belarus are necessary?

If you plan a trip to Belarus, you need no concrete inoculations. However at will you can update them, in particular from:
- hepatitis A and B
- rage
- typhus
- tetanus
- diphtherias
- poliomyelitis

Whether there are any concrete threats to health in Belarus?

In a warm season there is a threat of infection with tick-borne encephalitis. He is called by the virus transferred by pincers which often meet in the woody regions of Belarus.

How to be protected from tick-borne encephalitis:
- be convinced that your skin is closed during walks in the woody district
- use the means from insects containing diethylmetatoluamide (DEET)
- be always checked for existence of pincers after walks on the wood
- if after walk you found on a body of a tick, address to sanitary and epidemiologic service where the tick will be taken and will conduct his research

The incubatory period of tick-borne encephalitis lasts from 7 to 14 days. If after a sting you test an indisposition with symptoms, similar to flu, ask for medical care as soon as possible.

In Belarus take the same precautionary measures for protection against HIV/AIDS, as well as in other countries:
- avoid the unprotected sexual contacts, use condoms
- limit a circle of sexual partners
- if necessary use only disposable syringes

There is a probability of infection with rage. Carriers of this illness are animals (dogs, foxes and wolves). Therefore be attentive and try to avoid contacts with animals.

Whether it is necessary to avoid the use of any food or drinks in Belarus?

Try not to drink unboiled water from a water supply system. It is the best of all to use special bottled water. The risk of radiation contamination in Belarus is practically absent. However in the regions which were injured during the Chernobyl accident you should not buy products from locals, especially berries, mushrooms and dairy products. It is better to get such products in shops where they undergo careful testing for the level of radiation pollution.

What measures of prevention should be applied?

During trips to Belarus, as well as to any other country, it is necessary to have at itself the first-aid kit of first aid:
- plasters
- bandage and bandages
- disposable gloves
- paracetamol / aspirin
- means from insects
- means for treatment of diarrheas
- scissors
- gipodermichesky syringes and needles
- antiseptic napkins

Be careful with animals, especially stray dogs.

Be convinced that you have a complex tourist insurance for the period of stay in Belarus. It will help you if it is necessary to take off home in case of serious problems with health.

In more detail about a tourist insurance in Belarus

What to do if you got sick?

You will be able to receive the qualified medical care in all cities and the regional centers of Belarus, large rural settlements. If you seriously got sick, it is necessary to contact your embassy or local consular department.

If you need an emergency medical service, call by phone 103.


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