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If something happened

Important information on what to do and whom to contact in case of force majeure in Belarus

If you fell a victim of a crime in Belarus

Crime rate in Belarus rather low. But if you fell a victim of a robbery, attack or other crime, you have to declare it in militia. If you live in hotel in Belarus, report about a crime to personnel of hotel – they to you will help to contact militia. If you suffered and are in hospital, you have to try to contact your embassy or local consular department as soon as possible.

If you got sick in Belarus

If you got sick during your stay, contact your embassy or local consular department. All staying to Belarus have to get a tourist insurance for entry into the country. Be convinced that you have a complex insurance that if necessary you could receive medical care outside Belarus.

If you are arrested in Belarus

In various actions disturbing the public peace reasonably not to be got involved. If you are wanted to be arrested, it is unimportant for what reasons, do not resist. At the first opportunity ask to contact your embassy or local consular department which will give you necessary help.

Driving it is forbidden to take alcohol.

Learn more about driving of the car in Belarus.

In Belarus the crimes connected with drugs are also strictly punished. Murder, also death penalty can be punishment for serious crimes, such as.

Terrorism in Belarus

It is possible to face terrorism worldwide, and you should remain vigilant where you traveled. In Belarus there is no concrete threat of terrorism.


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