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Transport of Belarus

How to move across Belarus? How much is journey in public transport? Where to reserve and buy tickets?

Belarus – the country with well developed transport system therefore going to travel without the aid of travel agency, you can independently develop a route and choose the most convenient way of movement.

Railway transport of Belarus

The Belarusian railroad One from the most comfortable and reliable options – a trip by rail. The route network within the country covers more than 2100 settlements.

The Belarusian railroad offers a convenient format of passenger traffic:
- City lines – within Minsk or the regional center, and also not further stations in satellite towns
- Regional lines – within area or to the closest city of regional submission in the neighboring region
- Interregional lines – between Minsk and the regional centers, between the regional centers
- The international lines – connect Belarus and other countries

Electric train of regional lines of a business class of the Belarusian railroad. Depending on the speed of train service, time of stops in settlements regional and interregional lines are divided into a business class and economy class.

You recognize train schedule by Belarus here.

It is possible to buy train tickets personally in cash desks at stations, and also to order by phone or online – with delivery (in Minsk, Gomel, Mogilev) and without delivery (to issue in cash desk during the term specified by the operator).

Railway cash desks. To internal and some international lines it is possible to issue the electronic ticket, having paid it through the Internet by means of a bank plastic card, the EasyPay and WebMoney electronic payment systems. In the presence of electronic registration, getting on the train, it is enough to show the passport.

Fare by the railroads of Belarus is low and varies depending on the line, a class, category of the car.

Free of charge to you:
- will deliver and will clean bed linen, and also will prepare a bed for the passengers needing the help (use of a linen set paid if cost is not included in the ticket)
- will offer board games
- will provide first aid
- will give seat belts
- will provide reference information

Smoking in cars is forbidden, except trains of the international message where for smoking there are specially allotted places.

In Belarus 20 large railway stations with the developed infrastructure and a complex of services for passengers work. At stations in the cities and settlements will also offer you good service. Ticket offices and trade booths work at small stations.

Motor transport of Belarus

Motor transport of Belarus. It is possible to travel around Belarus by bus or a share taxi. You learn the schedule of suburban, long-distance and international flights, and also cost of tickets and information on existence of places here. Tickets for travel by buses of the long-distance and suburban message it is possible to get online with use of WebPay and iPay payment service providers.

Tsentralny bus station in Minsk. Bus stations or bus stations where it is possible to buy tickets work in all cities of Belarus, to spend time waiting for flight, to have a bite. In Minsk passengers are accepted by several bus stations (Central, East, Moscow) and bus stations (Southwest, Autofactory).

Except haulers of system of the Ministry of transport and communications, in Belarus the network of private share taxis is developed.

Air transport of Belarus

The national airport "Minsk" Belarus – rather small country therefore there are no regular internal flights. The national airport "Minsk" accepts the international flights connecting the Belarusian capital with the different countries of the world.

The operating airports of the regional centers accept the charter planes, cargo transport, liners making unforeseen landing. Besides, from Gomel, Grodno and Brest regular flights to the Russian Kaliningrad are carried out.

Water transport of Belarus

The motor ship on the river Mukhavets. In Belarus 10 river ports, waterways the Western Dvina, Neman, Mukhavets, the Dnepro-Bugsky channel are discovered on the Dnieper, Berezina, Sozh, Pripyat Rivers. However passenger traffic on water is a little demanded today. During navigation flights from the ports of Recyca, Gomel, Pinsk are several times a week made.

But during a warm season water tourist excursions enjoy wide popularity. Walks by motor ships will be organized in:
- Brest (Mukhavets)
- Vitebsk (Western Dvina)
- Grodno (Neman, August channel)
- Gomel (Sozh)
- Mogilev (Dnieper)
- Babruysk (Berezina)
- Mazyr (Pripyat)
- Pinsk (Pripyat)
- National park "Pripyat"
- National park "Narochansky" (lake Narach)
- National park "Braslau Lakes" (Drivyata's lake)
- on the Zaslavsky reservoir (The Minsk sea)
- on Vygonoshchanskoye's lake

River bus on the August channel. On the well-known August channel the river bus also goes to 12 passengers: it is more mobile than the motor ship, maintains locking, less noisy easier. The floating hotel "Polesia" is moored to the coast of Pripyat in Turov. This comfortable hotel on 8 cabins makes river cruises along 6 developed routes duration about three days. By Pripyat motor ship tow there are also 5 cabins for vacationers.

City transport in Belarus

- buses (almost in all cities of the country, except for small where to the necessary stop it is possible to approach on long-distance transport)
- trolleybuses (Minsk, Gomel, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Grodno, Brest, Babruysk)
- trams (Minsk, Vitebsk, Mazyr, Novopolotsk)
- share taxis (in Minsk and the large cities)
- a taxi (in Minsk and the large cities)

In Minsk the only subway in Belarus works.

Tickets for payment of journey in public city transport can be acquired in a booth at a stop, from the conductor or from the driver. For repeated trips around the city it is possible to acquire the ticket on one or several means of transport for a period of 10, 15 or 30 (31) days.

Penalty for stowaway journey

For stowaway journey penalties are provided in public transport in Belarus:
- all types of city transport – one thousand Br65.
- trains of regional lines, suburban buses – one thousand Br91.
- trains of interregional and international lines, buses and share taxis of the long-distance message – one thousand Br130.


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