Memorial board to Kirmanovich

The memorial board to Kirmanovich Vladimir Nikolaevich is located on Pervomayskay St., on the building of high school No. 2. It is established in 1965 in honor of the Hero of the Soviet Union V. I. Kirmaiovich studying and this school.

V. N. Kirmanovich was born 5.11.1919 in Kobrin in a working family. The member of CPSU since 1943. Graduated from academy of Frunze (1955). In Red Army since 1940. Since May, 1942 on Bryansk, Central, the 3rd and the 4th Ukrainian. 1st and 2nd Baltic fronts. Ordered the battery, a destructive and anti-tank division. The captain V. N. Kirmanovich caused a stir in August, 1944. During tank counterattack of the opponent near by Zhagare Litovska of the Soviet Socialist Republic the battery under its command assumed the first blow. Fighters lined and burned 6 enemy tanks, 3 self-propelled tools, having caused panic in the ranks of the opponent, and provided these successful approach of the Soviet troops. The rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union is given by 24.3.1945 g. Since 1960 taught in Kharkiv the highest military aviatsioinom school of twice Hero of the Soviet Union S. I. Gritsevts. Till 1975 the colonel V. N. Kirmanovich served in Soviet to Army. The decision of city executive committee for No. 237 of 15.09.1987 to it gave the rank "The honourable citizen Mr. Kobrina". Died in 2001.


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