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Memorial board to Gorbatov and Tvardovsky

The memorial board to Gorbatov Boris Leontyevich and Tvardovsky Alexander Trifonovich is located on Suvorov St., 1. It is established in 1986 in memory of stay in Kobrin of the famous Soviet writers.

In September, 1939 during a liberating campaign of Red Army to the Western Belarus together with the advanced parts of the 4th army which was moving ahead on the West, and Kobrin arrived newspaper editorial offices of "the Hour Homeland". Among her employees there were two special correspondents. writer B. L. Gorbatov and poet A. T. Tvardovsky already famous at that time. They lodged in the house No. 1 on Suvorov St. and lived here in October — November, 1939. At this time in Kobrin the district newspaper "TRUD" began to be issued B. L. Gorbatov and A. T. Tvardovsky helped to adjust issue of this newspaper.


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