Memorable places in the area: Dams


Seldom which of visitors will fail to descend to local sight of the village of the Dam – to a fontanel. Local old residents remember that the curative source in Dams existed for a long time, but water made the way in other place. During melioration in the channel hammered several sources in different places at once. Over time they disappeared.

In the village of the Dam people began to use a spring as early as the 30th years of the 20th century. People claim that its water is useful to health, has curative properties. About composition of water it is concrete it is difficult to tell: speak, it is rich with iron that is peculiar for many territories of Belarus. Last information: at research in Minsk silver availability is revealed.

The fontanel in the village is loved, preserved and arranged well. The source took the present form thanks to efforts of the famous Kobrin businessman V. I. Dombrovsky. Valentin Dombrovsky who since childhood knew about curative properties of the Zaprudsky source decided to arrange well by forces of the organization the territory where there is a source. Valentin Iosifovich addressed with such offer municipal authorities and decent the area – to the bishop Ioann. Having received blessing, it began construction.

Thanks to it there were a sound transition to the place where water beats, a small font for those who want to plunge into its cool and, thus, to try miracle force. And nearby – a chapel.

On January 16, 2005 the bishop Kobrin arrived to a spring to Dams to consecrate it. On church service people from neighboring villages and the city, parishioners of local church of the Cover of the Mother of God gathered. Together with the prior father Konstantin the bishop Ioann served a prayer and consecrated a source, and also a chapel. After church service people filled vessels with spring water and brought it home that also the family tried a cool of spring water and its miracle force.


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