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JSC Kobrinagromash

"Kobrin Plant of Agro-industrial Mechanical Engineering" open joint stock company
Enterprise for technological service of collective farms and state farms of area. The main divisions (repair shop, HUNDRED MTP) are engaged in production and restoration of agricultural machinery and knots to it. In addition we render various services of nonindustrial character: realization of oxygen across the Brest region, transportation of goods by motor transport, company service of tractors of the MTZ brand, pre-sale maintenance of the MTZ leasing tractors. There is the mechanized group which is engaged in carrying out field works in farms of the area.

In 1961 on the basis of Kobrin motor and tractor station "the Kobrin agricultural machinery" was created. In 1996 the enterprise acquired the status of public joint stock company. In 2003 by JSC Kobrinskaya selkhoztekhnika it is renamed into JSC Kobrinagromash. JSC Kobrinagromash – one of steadily working enterprises of the region, the official dealer of the Minsk tractor plant. And it is large volume of services in realization and the guaranteed service of the MTZ new equipment and delivery to agrarians of the Brest region of spare parts.

The shop on production of details for the Minsk tractor plant carries out production of plaits of electric equipment. Now them more than 150 names are made. Orders of the Minsk tractor plant occupy more than 90% in volume of the made production.

According to qualitative characteristics and on production of JSC Kobrinagromash is not present equal among the same collectives in the republic. Within the State program of innovative development of Republic of Belarus for 2007-2010 in JSC Kobrinagromash the innovative project "Organization of Production of Wires" is realized. Market researches for the purpose of realization of cable and conduction production to Russia, Ukraine, Poland are conducted.

Additional information on the organization
JSC Kobrin Plant of Agro-industrial Mechanical Engineering - makes main types of production: plaits of wires for autotractor electric equipment, the spare part to the Belarus tractors and other agricultural machinery, autotractor wires of the PGVA,PVAM and PVA brands; wires for electrical units of the PV1, PV3 and PV4 brands; power cables of the VVG, VVG-P brands, VVG-ng-LS, VVG-Png-LS and other types of goods and services. Repair of knots and units of the Belarus tractor of all modifications.

For the market of wholesale trade for the purpose of increase of efficiency of plaits of wires, cable production and spare parts, achievement of an optimum indicator "price quality" of JSC Kobrinagromash makes production by individual orders of consumers, taking into account their technical requirements.

At plant at all production phases multistage quality control functions, beginning from entrance control of the delivered materials, raw materials and accessories, stage-by-stage control in the course of production, finishing with output control of finished goods. The arriving raw materials, materials and accessories are followed by the certificates of quality or passports confirming its compliance to requirements of TNPA.

Quality of products conforms to requirements of TNPA of production, on wires and cables and NPB 9-2000 "Standards of fire safety of Republic of Belarus. Cables and wires electric. Indicators of fire danger. Test methods" that is confirmed with existence of the certificate of conformity of RB.

Phones: 375 (1642) 3-96-54, 375 (1642) 3-96-19

Address: Republic of Belarus, 225301, Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, Dzerzhinsky St., 78

E-mail: k-agromash@mail.ru

Website: kobrinagromash.by

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