TEKSTILTORG open joint stock company

Society with additional responsibility of Tekstiltorg for already more than 15 years is a producer of garments from x / fabrics and products from a sheepskin (including has a wide experience on production of the children's range).

From antiquity material known to people – wool, was one of the healthiest and hygienic today, besides it well influences all organism in general, rendering medical effect. Bedding under the Entertainment brand is easy, unusually nice on the touch blankets, pillows and plaids. They will present you a sound and healthy sleep, allowing your body to breathe.

Every year the range of the enterprise extends, new models with use of modern materials are developed. Plunge into a cosiness and comfort together with products of the Entertainment trademark!

Address: Brest Region, Mr. Kobrin, Nastasich St., 121

Phones: (+375 1642) 48-3-57


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