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JSC Kobrin Himik

Kobrin Chemist open joint stock company

History of the JSC Kobrin Himik enterprise begins since 1944. At that time the enterprise was called "the Kobrin district group of industrial enterprises" In 1969 the Order No. 320 on Management of the local industry on the basis of "the Kobrin raypomkobinat" "the Kobrin Combine of construction materials" is organized.

In 1992 by the Order No. 20 on Management of the local industry "Kobrin Combine of construction materials" it is reorganized and on its base are created state it is production – trade enterprise of "Lepesa" and is production – Himik trade enterprise.

On the basis of the certificate on the state registration No. 01600 of 31.01.2001 PTP "Chemist" is renamed into KUPP "Chemist", and in 2003 is transformed by the Order No. 286 of Brestoblimushchestvo fund of KUPP "Chemist" to JSC Kobrin Himik.

Strategy of development of the enterprise includes:
- further increasing the product range,
- improvement of service and quality of the offered goods and services,
- development of new types of production;
- introduction of an automated control system for production and financial and economic activity;
- in the field of improvement of quality – certification of the made production.

Specializes in release of paint and varnish products, garments, a brick ceramic. Extraction of natural chalk. Woodworking.

The made production, services:
- drying oils: "Oksol", natural, combined
- Ma-15 paints, "Minium"
- rings for wells
- the varnish is bituminous
- chalk fodder and construction
- pieces of chalk school and tailor's
- overalls
- mattress cases
- shanks wooden to economic stock
- the brick is red ceramic, ordinary

Phones: +375 (1642) 2-31-43

Address: Republic of Belarus, 225860, Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, st. of Kalinin, 3

Website: kobrin-himik.by

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