Establishments of additional education of children and youth

Public institution of education "Center of children's tourism and study of local lore of Kobrin district"
TSDTIK of Kobrin district is open on January 1, 2008.
TSDTIK - establishment of additional education of children and youth, the methodical center of educational work on tourism, study of local lore, museum business and excursion work with pupils.

Main activities:
- teaching and educational;
- organizational and mass;
- instructive-methodological.

The main objective of the center – development and improvement of tourist and local history activity of pupils of establishments of formation of the area.

On the basis of establishments of formation of the area from TSDTIK Kobrin district work 23 associations on interests of a tourist and local history orientation where are engaged 301 kruzhkovets is organized:
- local history orientation (9)
- tourist (13),
- "Museum business" (1),

Productively, creatively work:
- tourist club "Azimuth" (on the basis of GUO "Strigovsky Children's Garden — High School");
- the circle "Museum Business" (on the basis of GUO "High School No. 3 of Mr. Kobrin");
- a local history circle of "Mai Kobrynshchyn" (on the basis of GUO "Batchinsky High School");
- a tourist circle (on the basis of GUO "High School No. 2 of Mr. Kobrin");
- a tourist circle (on the basis of GUO "Batchinsky High School").

Traditional affairs:
- backpackings,
- excursions,
- local history expeditions on the native land;
- tourist and local history meetings of pupils;
- local history Olympic Games and conferences;
- sports orientation competitions;
- local history and tourist competitions, etc.

Museums of establishments of education
The important role in revival, studying and preservation of historical and cultural and natural heritage of the native land belongs to the museums of establishments of formation of the area. Today in establishments of education are created and 25 museums and 9 museum rooms work, in other establishments of education local history corners or corners of fighting glory are created. Many museums of the area became, really, an effective remedy of spiritual, civil and patriotic education of pupils is a museum of local lore of high school No. 7 of Mr. Kobrin, the ethnographic museum of high school No. 3 of Mr. Kobrin, the local history museums of Novoselkovsky SSh, Hidrinsky SSh, Rynkovsky SSh, Habovichsky SSh, Minyansky SSh and Gorodetsky of a children's garden high school.

Young tourists and local historians – active participants of republican actions:
"Zhyva ў Belarus_ і ty ganarusya"

Address: Brest region, 225301 Mr. Kobrin, Panfilovtsev St., 6


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