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    1. Summary of the FC/APC type optic fiber patchcord
    FC/APC type fiber optic connector an detachable and movable connection device between optical fibers. External reinforcement is a metal sleeve, fastening means is the screw buckle, and the two plugs connected through the converter adapter. The connector has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, widely used in optical cable TV network.

    2. Application of the FC/APC type optic fiber patchcord
    2)LAN and access network
    3)Telecom,Gigabit data network
    4)medical equipments
    5)Industry and military applications

    3. Feature of the FC/APC type optic fiber patchcord
    1)Compliant with international standard such as ANSI,Bellcore, TLA/EIA, IEC,also according with the industrial standards of Telecom in China
    2)Realize the activelink of optic fiber transmission
    3)Low insertion loss and high return loss
    4)Excellent repeatability and interchangeability
    4. Technical data of the FC/APC type optic fiber patchcord
    1) insertion loss:<=0.2db
    2) return loss: >=60db(APC type)
    3) work temperature: -40℃~+85℃
    4) repeatability
    5) interchangeability
    6) plug times
    7) tensile strength
    5. Ordering information of the FC/APC type optic fiber patchcord
    product name: fiber optic patchcord/pigtail
    connector type : FC、SC、LC、MU、MT-RJ etc
    interface type: UPC、APC
    Transmission mode: SM,MM
    fiber cores: single ,dual
    fiber diameter: Φ0.9,Φ2,Φ3mm
    fiber length: user-defined
    7. Deliver,shippingandafter-sale-service
    1)How will I know if APT.COM received my order?
    Once an order you have placed has been processed, you will receive a confirmation via email. The confirmation will contain the expected delivery date, your shipping address, your order number and any other changes to your order.

    2)When will you take care of my order?
    Orders placed during business hours will be taken care of immediately. We will inform you of the lead time and shipping method, and confirm with you any information we need to ship. Orders placed outside of business hours will take one to one-and-a-half business days to prepare and ship.
    3)Why do we ask for your phone number and email address?
    We ask for your phone number and email address just in case we need to reach you for any reason regarding your order with FS.COM. International order through FedEx or DHL and others need your phone number. We do not rent, share, or sell your personal information, ever.
    4)What is the Remember Me option at login?
    We provide this option to keep you from having to enter your user name and password every time you return. We’ve added this feature solely for your benefit, to save you time and to keep you from having to remember yet another password!
    9. Latest news
    Fiber to the home (FTTH) and fiber to the building (FTTB) are sometimes combined within the term fiber to the premise (FTTP). FTTH, FTTB, and FTTP architectures can include GPON, EPON, Active Ethernet, and RF over glass (RFoG). Here you'll find news and new products relating to FTTH, FTTB, and FTTP.
    KDDI Japan deploys 10G EPON systems from DASAN Zhone Solutions
    April 16, 2018Lightwave Staff
    Broadband equipment supplier DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: DZSI) says it has delivered 10G EPON systems to KDDI. The Japanese Tier 1 communications services provider is using the fiber broadband gear to deliver symmetrical 10-Gbps Internet services in its home country.
    DASAN Zhone Solutions has supplied the 10G EPON systems via system integrator and domestic sales agent Kyocera Communication Systems, a KDDI affiliate. The company expects the deal to be the start of an uptick in sales of its PON systems as Japan gears up for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.
    DASAN Zhone Solutions formed in 2016 via the merger of DASAN Network Solutions Inc. and Zhone Technologies (see "Zhone Technologies, DASAN Network Solutions complete merger to form DASAN Zhone Solutions"). The combined company offers systems for broadband access, Ethernet switching, mobile backhaul, passive optical LAN, and software-defined network (SDN) applications.
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