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    Mute slow down, silent sleep
    Damped mute cover plate, protect the sleep quality of your family and you
    Silent, security, reduce the noise
    Hip cleaning
    Reciprocating cleaning
    Cold/hot SPA
    Strong/mild massage
    Auto operation
    Women using
    Night light
    Warm wind
    Intelligent deodorization
    Nozzle self-clean
    Water temp.
    Wind temp.
    Seat temp.
    Energy saving
    Water supply hose
    Control panel
    Heat seat
    Mute cover plate
    safety instruction
    Warm wind outlet
    Stainless steel electric nozzle
    Seat sensor
    Women using
    Auto operation
    Massage cleaning
    Water pressure
    Water temp.
    Wind temp.
    Hip cleaning
    Warm wind
    Moveable cleaning
    Cold/hot SPA
    Nozzle movement
    Seat temp.
    Night light
    Energy saving
    Why choose us?
    Because we pay attention to quality and service
    South Korea imported
    Heater, Constant pressure valve and other accessories are imported from South Korea, Quality assurance, durable and reliable.
    Worry-free after-sales
    24 hours online customer service
    5 years warranty
    Trustworthy purchase
    Effectively guaranteed
    Based on the different efficiency of local express, choose the most efficient one.
    Strictly control product quality test
    60 kinds of safety and quality testing procedures
    Sitting test
    Simulated users sit 75,000 times test
    Open and close test
    Simulated users open and close 120,000 times test
    Leakage test
    Wet and dry environment anti-creeping test
    Feminine cleaning
    More intimate
    Designed for female
    Shower cleaning mode
    Softly protect your health
    Hip cleaning
    Healthy and comfortable
    Intelligent moveable washing, no dead angle.
    Clean, comfortable and environment friendly
    Rapid heating of water, constant temperature of water pressure
    Healthy and comfortable
    Hot and cold SPA
    Relieve constipation
    Hip cleaning
    Feminine cleaning
    Moveable massage cleaning
    Help defecation cleaning
    Automatic deodorization, fresh and clean
    When in the toilet, automatic deodorization, say goodbye to embarrassing smell
    Stink constituent
    Bamboo charcoal molecules decompose
    Fresh air
    When sit on the seat
    Automatic deodorization, transform into fresh air, say goodbye to embarrassing smell
    Cold/hot SPA
    Comfortable massage
    Cold and hot streams alternatively working when wash the ass. So that it can reach the massage effect.
    Strong/mild massage
    Help defecation
    Strong and mild stream exchange massage
    Let the anus shrink and expand
    Product Family Portrait
    ① Intelligent toilet seat
    ② Warranty card
    ③ Operation instruction
    ④ Set screws
    ⑤ Mounting pad
    ⑥ Two way connector
    ⑦ Water supply pipe
    ⑧ Fixed plate
    ⑨ Power-line
    ⑩ Original import filterBidet Toilet Seat China

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