IUP "Dayana"

Foreign unitary industrial trade enterprise "Dayana"
The enterprise lets out sleeping sets of any sizes from nurseries to 2,4 mkh2 at the request of the customer. Also any sizes bed linen and working clothes. The enterprise has an opportunity to do wholesale business by consumer goods.

The made production, services:
- sleeping sets of the euro-western sample (blanket, pillow)
- bed linen (blanket cover, pillowcase, sheet)
- sets for a bedroom (a cover, pillowcases)
- working mittens, clothes

Detailed information on the enterprise
Linen for hotels and hospitals. House bed, dining and household textile facilities. Products from a canvas and tarpaulin, a feather and the products filled with a feather and down. Sets for baby carriages and beds textile. Mattresses for baby carriages, pillows sleeping and sofa. Stuffing soft for cushions house. Pillowcases on pillows house. Threads, fabrics and textile goods, from cotton. Blankets are woolen house, acrylic house. Tents, awnings, covers. Feather and down of a bird. Blanket covers, covers textile on feather-beds and duvets house. Cushions with stuffing from the elastic made foam plastic (foam rubber, a poroplast), sleeping, rollers under a pillow, thoughts with stuffing from a feather and down of a bird. Covered bed lungs house. Bed linen in a set, fonts. Sheets are house. Sleeping bags tarpaulin, feather quilted, with stuffing from chemical fibers

Phones: director 375 (1652) 2-29-35, accountant 375 (1652) 2-59-48

Address: Republic of Belarus, 225860, Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, Sovetskaya St., 119/1

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