IOOO "Langkhaynrikh Konfektsion Is White"

Foreign limited liability company "Langkhaynrikh Konfektsion Is White"
The enterprise with the German capital. The project was realized in 2005. At the enterprise sew cloths, napkins, bed sets from high-quality German fabrics (about 150 types). The firm delivers all production in 4-5 stars hotels of the countries of Europe, and also in restaurants worldwide. The enterprise practically removed an employment problem in the village of Divin and its vicinities.

To head Firm "Langkhaynrikh" which is in Germany this year 177 years are executed, it is the largest producer and the supplier of bed and table linen in Germany, its production goes to various countries of the world. The company has very high reputation which can be kept only in case of high-quality and timely implementation of orders. In particular, on production of the order in Divin two weeks are allotted.

Address: Brest Region, Kobrin district, village of Divin, Seredovich St., 1

Phones: +375 (1642) 68 768


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